Xbox One and Fortnite Bundle in the works

Microsoft and Epic Games could be teaming up to make a new Fortnite bundle for the Xbox. A bundle that’s more than just the console with Fortnite included though. This bundle will be Fortnite-branded, though we still don’t know which version it is for. S, X, or the newest one, disc-less. They have done bundles in the past before though, just not something like this.

Windows Central first brought this new information to light with their own post. “We’ve heard Microsoft may be gearing up to announce a Fortnite Edition console with a custom Fortnite design, rather than a simple game bundle. It’s unclear whether the Fortnite console would be a regular S, an X, or a disc-less version at this time.”

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The game itself is free but if you pick it up as part of the previous bundle they did you also get free v-bucks, which are the in-game currency. 2,000 V-bucks to be exact, which is enough for the battle pass with leftovers. You’ll also get access to the Eon cosmetic set.

The new bundle doesn’t have a lot of information on it as of yet though. I expect that it will have something similar for the cosmetics and free v-bucks as an enticing offer. With the other battle royale games out there now though they might need to up their offer some. Though the new disc-less system will be a cheaper option. Maybe that’s where we will see the Fortnite-themed console appear.

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Fortnite’s patch 8.01 also dropped today which lets you become a pirate. Treasure maps can now be found and followed for a Legendary-tier item, though you can only hold one map at a time.

What do you think about the idea of a Fortnite-themed console? Do you think it’d be better on the X, S, or disc-less version? Let us know in the comments.

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