Ghost Recon Wildlands new content has a blast from the past

ghost recon wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands has been out for almost two years now. The team has done a good job of keeping a consistent stream of content to help maintain interest. For example, a cool Rainbow Six crossover was announced earlier this year. This time around the Ghost Recon team is channeling the ghosts of Ghost Recons past for its newest release of content.

The Ghost Recon Twitter account revealed the big Special Operation 3 announcement on December 11. The account showed off how the newest operation is inspired by the last entry in the Ghost Recon series: Future Soldier, which came out in 2012. You can view the tweet below.

The newest operation introduces a lot of heavy-hitting content and features, including general bug fixes, referral programs, free items, new customization possibilities, upgraded economy systems, new maps and new PvP events. You can view the lengthy list of additions here.

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The Special Operation 3 has done a good job of keeping things rolling for Ghost Recon. The amount of new events and fixes is impressive; it seems to take into consideration what fans wanted to see.

What do you think of the laundry list of new additions to Ghost Recon Wildlands? Do you still play the game, and what features are you the most excited for? Share your thoughts with us below!

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In other news, Switch has added its new NES games for the month.

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