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Here at Daily Gaming Report, we do the latest news on PC, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo.


We are looking for volunteer writers to post on our site about the latest news. This is a fantastic opportunity as it will help you grow your portfolio.

Writing for us means that your articles will get seen by thousands each month.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any previous experience, please send that over to use as well.

This really is a fantastic opportunity if you would like to grow in journalism, and become an influencer in the gaming industry.

Please note: we require you to have EXCELLENT English writing skills and can put humour into your articles, though our editing team will check every article.

We look forward to hopefully having you join our team. ☺️

Why The Company Was Started

Daily Gaming Report is fed up off companies adding political Bulls*** into there articles. Which is why Daily Gaming Report was created as we wanted to make sure our news had no political nonsense and that it was all about gaming. As well as that we want our gaming reviews to be as honest as possible and we say it as it is.

To join our team, please email [email protected] and send over any writing samples you might have.

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