New drama CD from Yuki Yuna to be released

A drama CD of the popular series Yuki Yuna Is a Hero is being released soon featuring the cast of the anime. The Entas event space in Tokoyo will be hosting an exhibit for fans of the series.

A pre-opening event on August 19 will give fans the chance to win a gift basket, including the latest drama CD. Doors open the next day to an exhibition featuring illustrations, behind-the-scenes photos, video clips, cels, and merchandise.

There will also be a live screening and retrospective interview with the audio drama cast.

Those who attend will also receive postcards, each of which has a QR code for in-game bonuses that can be redeemed in the browser version of the Yuki Yuna social game.

The exhibit will run from August 20-31st, to get more details on it here is a link to their page,

I hope you enjoyed this article, comment below on what you think of the upcoming show. In other news God Eater Online is ending it’s online service soon.

God Eater Online will be shutting down service next month

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