Amazon Prime adds three new anime shows to stream

Three classics from Osamu Tezuka

Ammo Content added three anime adaptations from Osamu Tezuka with to Amazon Prime. The shows it will include will be Black Jack, Astro Boy, and Phoenix

Ammo Content confirmed that it licensed the episodes from Japanese distributor Trans World Associates. All three shows have aired in some countries through The Japan Foundation in the past two years,

This version of Black Jack included is the 62-episode television anime adaptation of Tezuka’s Black Jack manga aired from 2004-2006. This cut of the show will include a English dub recorded a few years ago but never used until now.

Astro Boy is the 1980 version the second television anime based on Tezuka’s manga, which ran for 52 episodes. While with Phoenix it’s version dates back from 2004.

Comment below on what you’d like to see on Amazon Prime soon. I hope you enjoyed this article. In other news Marvel Future Fight is getting an update with new characters and outfits.

Marvel Future Fight gets an update with new characters.

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