A Certain Magical Index airs it’s third season soon

New staff as well

Recently announced on their officla website is A Certain Magical Index’s third season based on Kazuma Kamachi’s action fantasy light novel series. A Certain Magical INDEX III is set to premiere on AT-X, Tokyo MX and BS 11 on October 5, 2018, then on MBS one day later.

The following are the air times for the new season:

AT-X: October 5, 2018 (22:00-)

TOKYO MX: October 5, 2018 (24:30-)

BS11: October 5, 2018 (24:30-)

MBS: October 6, 2018 (27:38-)

The show will include additional staff to the show which as follows:

  • Art Director: Tomonori Kuroda
  • Color design Tomomi Ando, Mai Nakmura 
  • Director of Photography: Shingo Fukuyo
  • Editing: Shigeru Nishiyama
  • Sound Director: Takayuki Yamaguchi 
  • Music: Maiko Iuchi

Kamachi’s light novel series has inspired two television anime series, a 2013 anime film, and several manga adaptations. A Certain Scientific Railgun, a spinoff manga has also inspired two television anime adaptations and an original video anime.

Yen Press is releasing the original light novel series in English, with Funimation releasing all of the anime adaptations in North America outside of the A Certain Scientific Railgun OVA. Seven Seas Entertainment is releasing the A Certain Scientific Railgun manga and the A Certain Scientific Accelerator manga in English, and Yen Press is releasing the A Certain Magical Index manga in English.

Comment below if you look forward to seeing A Certain Magical Index. Below is the new teaserfor the show, I hope you enjoyed this article. In other news Tekken 7’s season pass will include a character from the Walking Dead.

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