Call Of Duty Warzone Surpasses 15 Million Players

Call Of Duty Warzone released March 10th and the other day we spoke about how it had surpassed 6 million players, well now Warzone has surpassed 15 million players hitting this milestone within 4 days...

CoD: Warzone graphic

Call of Duty Warzone: Surpasses 6 Million Players in just 24 Hours

The Call of Duty franchise is back at it again with a massive influx of 6 million players on the first day of release with its new title, Call of Duty: Warzone. The official Call of Duty Twitter accou...

Call Of Duty Warzone

Playstation Plus Subscription Not Needed to play Warzone

Call Of Duty Warzone is launching today and before the game launches, Infinity Wards Production director Paul Haile took to Twitter to confirm that a Playstation Plus subscription is not needed in ord...

Call Of Duty Warzone Is Releasing March 10

Call Of Duty Warzone has seen many rumours pointing to a March 10th release date and today after we covered that ads started popping up on Twitch for Call Of Duty Warzone. Activision has now released ...

COD'S battle royale, Warzone, has been set for release in March.

Battle Royale Mode ‘Warzone’ Out In March

Call Of Duty’s battle royale game, Warzone, has been set for release in March. After weeks of speculation, the collaboration between Infinity Ward and Raven is finally coming. There was hope for...

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