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Reddo Manga Artwork (Pic: Reddo)

Amazing Video Game / Manga Art – Meet The Artist: Reddo

The Artist Today’s artist goes by the name of Reddo. He is a self taught artist currently pursuing the dream of manga and video game creation. Reddo is a regular on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram an...

Dead Island 2 Publisher Still Working on the Zombie Sequel

The trailer at E3 2014 for Dead Island 2 let the world know that this zombie franchise will not rot away. Five years later and it has been silent from publisher Koch Media along with plenty of switche...


Video Game Trivia! – 17 Interesting facts you may not have known

Video games offer new experiences, stories and entertainment like nothing else and the industry is forever growing! With unlimited possibilities for the future and thousands of games already released ...



The ‘International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo 2018’ kicks off tomorrow in the U S of A. The IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 is one of the most awesome conferences and trade shows&...

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