BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe – TEKKEN World Tour Full Details Announced

The third tournament season will come to new locations, have new  tournament categories and will boast a £141,000 ($185,000) prize pool! Recently, it was announced that Twitch will once again be the exclusive streaming host for the for this years ‘TEKKEN World Tour’. The Tournament kicks off on April 20th, at ‘The MIXUP’ in Lyon, France then continues on to multiple destinations around the world. ...[Read More]

Twitch Streamer Re-banned After Brief Appearance

Twitch Streamer Re-banned After Brief Appearance Everyone must have heard what happened with MrDeadMoth. During a live stream MrDeadMoth was caught yelling at his girlfriend and actually got up and smacked her. You can numerously hear her say why did you smack me. This all was caught during his live stream. After that incident apparently MrDeadMoth was banned from twitch. On December 30th supposed...[Read More]

Speedrunning Marathon ‘Awesome Games Done Quick 2019!’

Gaming For The ‘Prevent Cancer Foundation’ – There Couldn’t Be A Better Reason To Join In! Yesterday, the yearly speedrunning marathon ‘Awesome Games Done Quick’ kicked off. ‘AGDV’ is a 24/7 marathon of games, all completed as fast as possible, while streaming on Twitch… Already, it has raised a ton of cash for charity (last year $2,263,508.19 was raised!). Check out the stream here: h...[Read More]

TwitchCon is coming to Europe

TwitchCon is coming to Europe Recently, Twitch has announced that their annual convention TwitchCon will come to Europe next year. In fact, it will be held in Berlin Germany in the CiyCube. Additionally, the event will take place between April 13 and 14. Now that #TwitchCon 2018 is over, we knew we couldn’t wait a whole year to do it all again. So we’re not going to. Say “Hallo” to TwitchCon Europ...[Read More]

Games No Longer Selling on Twitch At The End of The Month

Games No Longer Selling on Twitch At The End of The Month Remember last year when Twitch allowed viewers to purchase games straight from Twitch to support the streamers?  Well at the end of the month, November 27th to be exact, this will no longer be available. According to Twitch, anything that was already purchased will not go anywhere as you will still have access to that data, including, twitc...[Read More]

Fortnite and Twitch star ‘NINJA’ to stream in NYC

It was recently announced at TwitchCon that Twitch star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is due to air a New Years Eve Fortnite live stream from New York’s Time Square. First of all, TwitchCon is Twitch’s annual community convention. TwitchCon confirmed that the broadcast will be shown on Ninja’s personal Twitch channel. The stream will be live from 7 PM until 7 AM ET the next day. Certainly, from BlevinR...[Read More]

Twitch is banned for users in China

Twitch is banned for users in China Twitch has been recently banned in China. First, the ban began with its website to eventually reach its app on Itunes. Twitch has confirmed the ban but with no explanation. The ban began in the Mainlands on China to eventually hitting every part the of country in the past week. Twitch for Chinese gamers was the only way they could watch Asia Games and other espo...[Read More]

Ninja Responds To Criticism About Refusing To Stream With Women

Ninja Responds To Criticism About Refusing To Stream With Women Last Week Fortnite Streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins told Polygon why he doesn’t choose to stream with Women, However, after the article released Tyler got a lot of backlash for it by other Twitch personalities and on Social Media. You can read the full article here as to why Ninja choices not to stream with female gamers.  Tyler t...[Read More]

Details on Twitch Prime rewards for August

Rewards are fun Last month, to help the celebration of Amazon Prime Day, Twitch Prime users were given 19 free games for being members of the service. The games list included hits likePillars of Eternity and Brutal Legend. August’s lineup has now been revealed, and while there may not be as many games as last month, the ones being offered are still worth checking out. There will be a total of five...[Read More]

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