Warhorse Studios Acquired by THQ Nordic

Today, THQ Nordic announced the acquisition of Warhorse Studios, developers of the recent medieval history RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, in addition to all of Warhorse Studios’ intellectual property rights. Warhorse will be a subsidiary of the German-Austrian company Koch Media, joining the likes of Deep Silver and Volition. Koch Media is publishing the upcoming Metro Exodus, slated for release i...[Read More]

Everything We Know About Biomutant

Biomutant is a game that was revealed back in August 2017 by THQ Nordic and indie developer Experiment 101, and has had my upmost attention ever since. With the slated release in 2018 being pushed back to this year, with no definitive date, it feels apt to take a deep dive into what we know about the upcoming post-apocalyptic, Kung Fu Fable. As stated, Biomutant is a Kung Fu Fable where you play a...[Read More]

THQ Nordic buys Carmageddon IP

THQ Nordic buys Carmageddon IP Recently, THQ Nordic announced that they’ve bought the rights to the Carmageddon franchise. In fact, the last entry in the long-running series was Reincarnation released by Stainless Games. Honestly, it should be interesting to see what THQ Nordic does with the series. Obviously, with every classic game from the nineties making a comeback this one is no surpris...[Read More]

Darksiders 3 will focus on a different battle system

Darksiders 3 will focus on a different battle system Recently, THQ Nordic’s executive producer Reinhard Pollice sat down with PS Blog to discuss details on their upcoming release of Darksiders 3. In fact, THQ wants to create a fighting experience to have the third entry stand out from the first two entries of the game. In addition Fury, one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse will be of f...[Read More]

This is the Poice 2 coming to the Switch this September

September 25th to be exact THQ Nordic recently has announced that This is the Police 2 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch with a release date of 25th September. The game is already out on Steam and it seems to be doing fairly well. So far there doesn’t seem to be any differences or additions to the Switch version as Nintendo and their third party developers are known for adding inclusions...[Read More]

Darksiders III Release Date Leaked

Darksiders III Release Date Leaked Darksiders III apparently has a release date thanks to a leak by the Microsoft store which is set for November 27th, 2018.   Darksiders III was announced in May of 2017, We do know that the THQ Nordic the company that is developing the game is set to be at Gamescom 2018 so it is fair to expect some gameplay or some more information in the next month.   ...[Read More]

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