PUBG Vikendi trailer revealed

Interestingly, a new trailer for PUBG was revealed at the Game Awards. In fact, this is promoting the upcoming Vikendi map. However, the trailer shows cinematics with a bird hiding a key in its nest. In addition, a test server version will be available for PC players. Not to mention, a trailer also hints at a release in January for PS4 and Xbox One. Honestly, it should be interesting as lately we&...[Read More]

PUBG Resident Evil crossover revealed

Recently, the team behind PUBG Mobile released something interesting to come soon. In fact, as a way to celebrate the end of the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Dubai Finals they released a video on Resident Evil. The last day of #PMSC2018 Dubai Finals. What could be more exciting than announcing that PUBG MOBILE is teaming up with @RE_Games! Something is coming very soon. #pubgmobilexre2 pic.twitter.c...[Read More]

Vikendi Snow map leaked for PUBG

Recently, a new map has been leaked for PUBG. In fact, Youtuber Allthenewsisgoodnews discovered the Vikenda map in a datamine. Not to mention, the Youtuber released a video as a recreation of what the map will look like. Additionally, this will be the game’s rumored Winter themed map just in time for the holidays. Interestingly, this map might be released in time for the game’s arrival...[Read More]

PUBG will crossover with Suicide Squad

PUBG will crossover with Suicide Squad Recently, it’s been revealed that PUBG will be getting new skins of famous characters of DC Comics. Of course, they are none other than The Joker and Harley Quin. In fact, they’ll be sporting their attire from the recent 2016 film Suicide Squad. Honestly, its neat to see PUBG try something to draw people to play their game more. Of course, the gam...[Read More]

Tencent Games will be adding new features soon

Tencent Games will be adding new features soon Recently, Wall Street Journal reported that Tencent Games will be adding new features soon. In fact, online modes will include an ID verification system. Not to mention, this will affect players under 12 years old greatly. In fact, a 12-year-old player in China will only be allowed to play for an hour. Additionally, Tencent hopes to have this system i...[Read More]

PUBG mobile Halloween patch revealed

PUBG mobile Halloween patch revealed Recently, a trailer has dropped revealing new additions to the PUBG mobile. In fact, they are in the spirit of Halloween with several interesting features titled Halloweeks. First, new costumes of course with Witches and the Headless Horsemen. Not to mention, Hunted Explosions Mode will give off a smoke resembling a Jack o Lantern. Honestly, Candies for Vehicle...[Read More]

PUBG reveals new ranking system

PUBG reveals new ranking system PUBG currently is in the process of getting new updates starting with a test version of a new ranking system that will debut next month. How the new ranking system works is that there are eight ranks. To get to your first rank you’ll need to win ten matches. This was released as part of the Update 22 which came out recently. Map Picks also make a return with t...[Read More]

PUBG might come to the PS4 soon

PUBG might come to the PS4 soon Talks of a PS4 port of PUBG have been circling for sometime now in the gaming community. Currently, PUBG has been an exclusive title for PC and the Xbox One for sometime now. As Mircosoft is working hard to make sure that the game stays with them by promoting Xbox One bundles for it. PUBG Corp has stated in the past that a PS4 version of the game won’t be rele...[Read More]

PUBG arrives under the million mark for PC Player usage

PUBG arrives under the million mark for PC Player usage Recently PUBG fell under the 1 million mark of PC player usage according to a chart released by Steam DB. They fell right at the 960,000 mark yesterday. There is no official statement released as to why the number dipped yet there are a number of speculations. This week saw the release of Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s beta of their new Bat...[Read More]

Bluehole addresses framerate issues of PUBG on Xbox One X

Bluehole addresses framerate issues of PUBG on Xbox One X PUBG’s Xbox Developer Bluehole and Mircosoft have since been working on ways to update the recent framerate issue with PUBG users who play it on the Xbox One X. Bluehole and Mircosoft have released a 1.0 release of the game but framerate issues are still apparent. Community Manager Lumos has released details on PUBG’s forum abou...[Read More]

Datamine for PUBG reveals new Snow Map

Datamine for PUBG reveals new Snow Map A datamine of PUBG has revealed details of an upcoming Winter map for the game. Titled Dihor Otok with a  total size of 8×8 with a landmass size of 6×6. Rumors behind this map include new explosives, a night mode, and a new mode called Conquest. The images and files were first revealed on Reddit which you can view in the link below. Datamined new sn...[Read More]

Arena of Valor officially arrives to the Nintendo Switch this September

Arena of Valor officially arrives to the Nintendo Switch this September Arena of Valor will make it’s debut on the Nintendo Switch come this September. Recently there was a beta version out for a bit, if you missed that however don’t worry. Like the mobile version on iOS and Android this game is free to download along with it’s global server letting you play with anyone who downl...[Read More]

New firing range might arrive to PUBG soon

New firing range might arrive to PUBG soon The image above was released by Brendan Greene, lead designer and director of PUBG. He actually released this prior to his appearance at Gamescom as they’ll discuss more on the game there. The image however is interesting as it shows several things like a shipyard, targets, and a military camp which hints at the idea of a demanded firing range comin...[Read More]

PUBG’s Tencent deals with a serious stock decrease

Actually for an interesting reason One of the teams behind PUBG Tencent Games recently saw a stock drop with 25 percent. Now with the success and major source of income for their Chinese sector thanks to PUBG you may wonder is that the case? Well two reasons, Fortnite and Monster Hunter Online. Tencent had to remove Monster Hunter Online from PC users as a available purchase in China and with Fort...[Read More]

PUBG Mobile Lite has been announced

There’s a catch though If you own a smartphone that can’t run PUBG on mobile, then there is another option for you. Tencent Games has announced condensed version of the game titled PUBG Mobile Lite. It contains a portion of the actual game with the number of players and the size of map. Instead of 100 players it will feature 40. Though there is a catch, PUBG Mobile Lite is only available in ...[Read More]

PUBG Mobile has a fresh new war mode update

All New Clan System as well Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. released a new update to the mobile version of PUBG today update today which gives players a new War Mode and all-new clan system. As a follow up to the First Person Perspective Mode relase last month\this new updates enhances the gameplay in realms such as Miramar and Erangel. The mobile version whether on iOS or Android can lets users acce...[Read More]

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