Teaser Trailer

The visuals dreamlike quality make it reminiscent of Return of the Obra Dinn (Picture: Hidden Fields)

Hand-Drawn Horror Mundaun Debuts Next Spring

Explore a world between reality and myth in varied and open levels. Shown off during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, Mundaun looks like a thing of surreal beauty.  Beware of and banish the diabolic...


Capcom Announce Megaman X DiVE – New Teaser Trailer

Megaman X DiVE will feature stages and bosses from various Megaman X games! Recently, Capcom announced ‘Megaman X DiVE’ for iOS and Android with a short teaser trailer… Along with the trailer, Capcom ...


ARMA 3 – Teaser Trailer Reveals New Expansion Coming Soon

As stated in the trailer, this isn’t something we were expecting… Recently, a teaser trailer (shown below) has been released for yet another expansion for the PC game released 6 years ago!… That...

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