Zelda: Link’s Awakening Coming To The Switch

Everyone probably was stoked for the Nintendo Direct that happened today. The biggest announcement was not until the end, when they announced Zelda Link’s Awakening remake coming to the Nintendo Switch. Link’s Awakening was one of the biggest most played games on the Game Boy in 1993. It was later updated with some color around 1998. I don’t know who else is as excited as I am fo...[Read More]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Has Been Delayed

During today’s highly anticipated Direct, Nintendo announced that Fire Emblem Three Houses has been delayed. The news was delivered after an impressive video that went in-depth into the game. Anime quality cut scenes were shown depicting the complicated struggle between the titular three houses. The overall story arc has the player enrolled in an officer’s school, where all three houses were repre...[Read More]

Switch Firmware 7.0.0 Update

Nintendo Where are our themes? The Nintendo Switch has received a new firmware update to version 7.0.0, however, don’t get to excited as it doesnt bring anything exciting. Version 7.0.0 brought with it new icons, language support, and some stability fixes. Now i don’t know about you guys but I’m still wondering where themes are as currently there is still only black and white. No...[Read More]

Metroid Prime 4 Release Date Possibly Leaked

The release date for the highly anticipated Metroid Prime 4 has possibly been leaked.      The Czech online retailer, SuperGamer, has listed the release date for Metroid Prime 4 as November 29th, 2019.      Officially, Nintendo has not made any announcements regarding the release date. In fact, few details of the game have been made known since the teaser tr...[Read More]

Daily Gaming Report Game of the Year: 2018

Daily Gaming Report Game of the Year: 2018 2018 has been an incredible year for gaming, from Monster Hunter World way back in January to Red Dead Redemption 2 in November, there have been some absolute classics along the way. We got together as a team to vote for our favourite game from the last 12 months. The Nominees Celeste The highly impressive independent title came out across all platforms i...[Read More]


While the game has only been out for 3 days, its already breaking records for the hybrid console. In the 21 Months since the Switch’s release it has sold almost 20,000,000 units, that is 4 times the population of New Zealand. The opening weekend alone has allowed it to top the UK Charts. The Top ten now look like this: 1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 3. FIFA 19 4. Batt...[Read More]

Civilization 6 – 2nd Expansion Incoming!?

A storm is brewing on the Civilization YouTube page. Recently, a video live stream has been posted on the Civilization Youtube channel. Interestingly, The video is of a storm which seems to be progressively getting more intense. (This can be seen below) Previously, Civilization has taken 2 expansions for fans to be happy with the games content. Now, Civilization 6 did come out a few years ago, and...[Read More]

Dark Souls Remastered Took ‘A Little Over A Year’ To Port To Switch

Recent Interview confirms Dark Souls Remastered took over one year to port to Switch! In a recent interview with ‘VGR’, Virtuos (the company that brought other titles to the Switch, such as L.A. Noire) revealed that it took “a little more than a year” to port Dark Souls Remastered to Nintendo Switch. Interesting, in the interview many things were discussed. To make the game playable on the Switch,...[Read More]

New Nintendo Switch System Update 6.1.0

New Nintendo Switch System Update 6.1.0 Nintendo has released a new Switch System update 6.1.0 now while it doesnt bring anything good such as themes, folders and many other features fans have asked for. What it does bring is improving the systems general stability as well as address an issue with Nintendo Switch Online. Improvements Included in Version 6.1.0 (Distributed 10/29/2018) General syste...[Read More]

Director Junichi Masuda Explains The Reason As To Why Eevee Is the Star In Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go is only less than a month away from launching, but have you ever wondered why Eevee is the Star for one of the Pokemon Let’s go games? Well, wonder no further as Director Junichi Masuda goes over the reason as to why Eevee is one of the stars for pokemon Let’s Go. So we knew we wanted to do two games when we first set out on the development and I also knew that I...[Read More]

limited edition Pokémon Nintendo Switch

limited edition Pokémon Nintendo Switch Nintendo took to Twitter today to announce new limited edition switch versions. The limited edition Switch versions will be themed around the upcoming Pokémon game Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu. They include the Poké Ball Plus accessory and a pre-installed version of one of the games. Down below is the Tweet where you can see the themed Switch version: Tw...[Read More]

The Elder Scrolls Online Won’t Be Coming To Switch

The Elder Scrolls Online Won’t Be Coming To Switch In an interview with ExpansiveDLC who spoke to Matt Firor who works on TESO, Firor was asked if TESO would ever make its way to the Switch. This is what Firor had to say on the matter: ‘We’ve looked at it, we’d be foolish not to. The thing with Switch is, it’s a fantastic device, and it shows, once again, graphical fidelity doesn’t trump gam...[Read More]

SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch Saint Row: The Third is coming to the Nintendo Switch according to IGN. who say that the game is being ported by Deep Silver Fishlabs, and we won’t see a release date until next year. This is great news, especially how this is the first time for a Saint Row Game to appear on a Nintendo console.

Nintendo Making 4K Switch Console to Release in 2019 – Rumor

Nintendo Making 4K Switch Console to Release in 2019 – Rumor The Xbox One X & Playstation 4 Pro made the mid-generation upgrade the go-to thing. As a gamer, we expect this formula from now on so when this rumor hit it is believable. The hot rumor going around is that Nintendo could be looking to upgrade the Nintendo Switch. This rumor comes from Marcus Sellars who has a history of leakin...[Read More]

Nintendo and Blizzard; Diablo port start of something new?

The Diablo port onto the Switch, revealed earlier this week, is particularly encouraging for the future of the console. According to Peter Stilwell, senior developer at Blizzard, talking to Kotaku, the game took just nine months to develop. Diablo 3 is the first Blizzard game in over 15 years to make the jump. The rapid development of the Switch port bodes well for the companies future partnership...[Read More]

Blizzard Says Overwatch on Switch is Possible, StarCraft 2 is Unlikely

With the excitement of Diablo III being available on Switch, some have hope that other great titles from the company could have a possible port. Blizzard says one of them maybe possible.   In an interview with GameSpot, Diablo III’s senior producer, Pete Stilwell, was the first to be asked about the possibility of Overwatch being accessible for the Nintendo Switch. He says, “Anyth...[Read More]

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