Super Smash Bros Ultimate players experience save crashes after using Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant has arrived to Super Smash Bros Ultimate and he was worth the wait. However, some players will find that he has a dark side to him as well. There have been reports from players claiming that using the fighter in modes like All Star Smash on the game triggers the save file to become corrupt. Obviously, with a game like this and time it takes to unlock everyone and finish the World of ...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 2.0.0 arriving next week

We have a window now for the upcoming update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Version 2.0.0 of the game is set to arrive sometime next week in time for February. There is speculation as to what is coming to the game with this update. We know Piranha Plant is coming to the game in that time, so it makes sense to see him in this update. Not to mention, the current version of the game is 1.2.1, making...[Read More]

Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2.0 Patch is Coming Very Soon

A known leaker posted on Twitter today that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2.0 patch is coming very soon —and by “soon,” we mean within the next week. Now do note that Nintendo hasn’t announced anything just yet, so take this with a pinch of salt. The leaker hasn’t said much other than it will be coming within the next week, but we believe that the patch will most likely co...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter leaks revealed

Recently, a new leak from 5Channel has revealed new potential fighters coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Supposedly the list includes the likes of Steve of Minecraft Doom Guy, Erdick of DragonQuest,and Rayman. Interestingly, the game might evolve into a place to promote chrcaters and their games. As we know, Joker of Persona 5 is coming to the game as Persona 5R is coming out soon as well. Not ...[Read More]

New Spirits Event revealed for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Recently, Nintendo has announced their next Spirits event which will take place this weekend starting Friday. In fact, this time the theme centered on the Spirits is going back to the NES and Famicom era. Of course, you’ll see here characters of countless series like Balloon Fight, Excite Bike, Hogan’s Alley, Dr. Mario and more. Yet, it will be interesting to see how certain spirits ma...[Read More]

New spirits revealed in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Recently, Nintendo has revealed a new event coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. From today to the end of the year a new spirit event called “Oh Yeah! Mario Time!” will commence. In fact, it will have new Mario Party spirits up for grabs. Additionally, the spirits will appear at certain hours. Of course, below is the spirits and their respective times. Dice Block 8 am-8 pm Golden Dash ...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 1.2.0 update revealed

Recently, Nintendo has released a 1.2.0 update to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In fact, this will add adjustments to Link, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Luigi, Ice Climbers, Young Link, Olimar, Toon Link, Villager, Greninja, PAC-MAN, Duck Hunt, and Isabelle. Additionally, revealed by Nintendo Versus that online connection stability will have “matchmaking improvements to further prioritize Preferred Rule...[Read More]

DLC pack revealed for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Interestingly, the first Challenger Pack has been revealed for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Of course, revealed at the Game awards in a sneaky fashion. More importantly, we will see Joker from Persona 5 arrive in the game with the pack. Yet, at this moment all we have at this moment for details is the following trailer. However, it leaves to speculation how Joker will handle in the game. Not to ment...[Read More]

Super Smash Brothers new spirit characters unlocked early for players of certain games

We all know support characters in fighting games and Super Smash Bros has had them for the longest time. Now introducing Spirits they are power ups you can attach to your chosen fighter. They come in the form of characters from other Nintendo Titles. Including buffs like improved air damage and improved attack when health is full. All these Spirits can be unlocked through playing the game which is...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate leaks worries Nintendo

As of late, Nintendo has been handling damage control for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Recently, the game surfaced and has been sold through Mexican retailers with pirated copies. Of course, footage of the game as well as spoilers circled the internet. Not to mention, dataminers have been digging up content in the game such as stage names and Spirits which is a new feature in the series. In fact, th...[Read More]

Piranha Plant Amiibo preorders are selling out

Piranha Plant Amiibo preorders are selling out Apparently, there is something interesting going on with the preorders for the Piranha Plant Amiibo. In fact, most retailers in Japan are reporting that preorders for the figure are selling out. However, this isn’t the case for the other Amiibo figures coming out for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Accordingly, this includes Inkling, Wolf, Ridley com...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – All 74 Characters & how long it will take to unlock them

According to a Nintendo spokesperson unlocking all 74 characters will take ‘only a couple of hours’! Recently, a Nintendo spokesperson speaking to NintendoLife confirmed it will only take “a couple of hours” to be able to access all 74 Characters. Apparently, each fighter will have different requirements to be unlocked. We are not yet aware of what these requirements are… However, it is good...[Read More]

UK Smash Bros bundle cuts Gamecube adapter

Apparently, UK players who’ve preordered the Super Smash Bros Ultimate bundle are in for a letdown. Surprisingly, some buyers received an email on Amazon on the matter. Additionally, telling them that the bundle will include a Gamecube controller adapter. “We’ve had to cancel the GameCube Controller Adapter (Nintendo Switch) from your order, as Nintendo are no longer able to supp...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Spirits Mode revealed

Recently, Nintendo’s latest Direct centered on Super Smash Bros Ultimate revealed a new feature called Spirits Mode. Accordingly, this will play in with the theme of the main campaign of the game titled World of Light. Interestingly, the spirits represent characters of the video game worlds that encompass the series in its crossover nature. Additionally, you can assign a primary spirit to yo...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC details revealed

Recently, as part of the latest Nintendo Direct centered Super Smash Bros Ultimate details on future DLC have been discussed. Accordingly, future characters, stages, and music tracks will be sold in certain sets. However, Echo fighters will not be included so new characters designed from the ground up will be offered. First, a basic set of one fighter, one stage, and several music tracks will run ...[Read More]

New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Amiibos revealed

As of late, revealed as part of the recent Nintendo Direct new Amiibos for Super Smash Bros Ultimate have been revealed. First, on the day of the game’s release being December 7th Wolf, Ridley, and Inkling will arrive. Secondly, King K. Rool and the Ice Climbers will come out on February 15th next year. Additionally, Ken. Young Link, Pichu, Daisy, and Isabelle will be released in 2019 with n...[Read More]

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