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Tomb Raider splash

Tomb Raider Games For PC Are Free Thanks To Square Enix Due To Social Isolation

Social isolation just became ever so slightly less boring thanks to the sweethearts at Square Enix, making two Tomb Raider games free for PC. Starting on March 23, 2020, gamers can acquire both Tomb R...

The Temtem logo

Pokémon-like MMO Temtem Has Sold 500,000 Copies Worldwide

Temtem, the MMO not ashamed of saying it’s a Pokémon clone, has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. Releasing just last month, Temtem created a splash in the MMO scene with its bold similarities...

A screenshot of Metro Exodus with a character standing in a rounded cave-like setting.

Metro Exodus Launches On Steam This February

Metro Exodus is set to launch at 5 a.m. UK time on February 15. The launch date is exactly a year after the original PC launch on the Epic Games and Microsoft stores. Developer 4AGames thanked fans in...

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