Season 10

League of Legends New Cinematic (Source: Riot Games)

Riot Games Release New Cinematic for League of Legends

Recently, Riot Games have released yet another new cinematic for the wildly popular League of Legends. Riot Games three minute long cinematic posted just a day before the start of season 10 of League ...

League of Legends Season 10 logo

LoL Season 10 Just Three Days Away

On January 10th Riot will be releasing League of Legends Season 10 in it’s full. With the new vision for League of Legends being implemented during the preseason fans and players will be happy t...


Fortnite’s BRUTE Mech Spawn Rates Epically Reduced

Recently, Epic announced on Twitter that they have drastically reduced the spawn rates of the controversial BRUTE mech that was recently added in Fortnite’s Season X. (Season 10) This comes foll...

Fortnite Season 10 – Teaser Four!

Epic Games has released three teasers up until this point, all being brief pictures with a few words but now we have the fourth and final teaser as a small video! But details about Season 10 are still...

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