PUBG Mobile Meets Resident Evil 2 in New Update

Tencent’s newest update for PUBG Mobile, version 0.11.0, has finally gone live, and it’s bringing with it some evil new enemies. The main feature included in the new patch is officially titled “Survive Till Dawn.” The new event mode (taking place on the Erangel map) includes zombies and bosses from the recently remade Resident Evil 2. Players will have to contend against fearsome monsters like the...[Read More]

PUBG App Notifies You if You Killed/Killed By A Streamer

Who here reading this always wanted to know if they are actually in a game with someone streaming? Did you ever want to know if you killed or got killed by a streamer? Well you are in luck. A PUBG community developer has made an application which displays kills caught on camera by streamers. The app is called PUBG Report, which uses in-game data to link kills to Twitch streams. Basically you just ...[Read More]

International Esports Events Calendar 2019

Looks like another great year of esports has been lined up for us! Esports is growing every year. In fact, It is estimated that 427 million people worldwide will be watching some form of esport this year. The market is expected to generate close to 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2020. Below is ESPN’s esports calendar; there are plenty of events to sink your teeth into! Be sure to get ...[Read More]

Frame Rate Affects Fire Rate, Recoil in PUBG and Fortnite

Fortnite and its developer, Epic Games, are no strangers to controversy. Over the last few months, they’ve had to deal with hackers selling accounts; a complex and organized money laundering scheme involving V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game currency; and, of course, lawsuits pertaining to allegedly stolen dances. Unfortunately, players have discovered that Fortnite and its biggest battle royale competi...[Read More]

PUBG: Vikendi Releases on Consoles

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just got some exciting new content. Yesterday, in a free update to the game that helped the battle royale genre take off, PUBG Corporation launched their new Vikendi map on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In addition to the new map, PUBG Corp released Survivor Pass: Vikendi, which will reward players for completing various objectives within the new region. Players will al...[Read More]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG Vikendi trailer revealed

Interestingly, a new trailer for PUBG was revealed at the Game Awards. In fact, this is promoting the upcoming Vikendi map. However, the trailer shows cinematics with a bird hiding a key in its nest. In addition, a test server version will be available for PC players. Not to mention, a trailer also hints at a release in January for PS4 and Xbox One. Honestly, it should be interesting as lately we&...[Read More]

PUBG Resident Evil crossover revealed

Recently, the team behind PUBG Mobile released something interesting to come soon. In fact, as a way to celebrate the end of the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Dubai Finals they released a video on Resident Evil. The last day of #PMSC2018 Dubai Finals. What could be more exciting than announcing that PUBG MOBILE is teaming up with @RE_Games! Something is coming very soon. #pubgmobilexre2 pic.twitter.c...[Read More]

Vikendi Snow map leaked for PUBG

Recently, a new map has been leaked for PUBG. In fact, Youtuber Allthenewsisgoodnews discovered the Vikenda map in a datamine. Not to mention, the Youtuber released a video as a recreation of what the map will look like. Additionally, this will be the game’s rumored Winter themed map just in time for the holidays. Interestingly, this map might be released in time for the game’s arrival...[Read More]

PUBG PS4 December Release Imminent!

PUBG has appeared on the PS4 store database and it seems to be due in December. Recently, A member of the PSN profiles forum found references to the game in their console’s database. Interestingly, the user found content IDs for both the North American, and the European stores. Games do not get assigned these IDs unless they’re nearing release, or at the very least are getting a page within the PS...[Read More]

PUBG will crossover with Suicide Squad

PUBG will crossover with Suicide Squad Recently, it’s been revealed that PUBG will be getting new skins of famous characters of DC Comics. Of course, they are none other than The Joker and Harley Quin. In fact, they’ll be sporting their attire from the recent 2016 film Suicide Squad. Honestly, its neat to see PUBG try something to draw people to play their game more. Of course, the gam...[Read More]

Night Mode Coming to PUBG Mobile

Night Mode Coming to PUBG Mobile Playerunknown Battlegrounds also known as PUBG is bringing another update to their mobile game.  The update 0.9.0 is expected to be released October 25, 2018. With this update, it looks like PUBG is trying to keep up with Fortnite and newly released Blackout from Call of Duty.  The update will include spectator mode, night vision goggles, night mode, and a Hallowee...[Read More]

PUBG’s region lock option is now live

PUBG’s region lock option is now live In PUBG’s latest update for test servers was a new region lock option which the fan themselves requested to be in the game. PUBG is in the process of adding new features such as a new ranking system and listening to the fans on what they would like to see. “Now be decided automatically depending on the player’s local region. Matchmaking will automa...[Read More]

PUBG reveals new ranking system

PUBG reveals new ranking system PUBG currently is in the process of getting new updates starting with a test version of a new ranking system that will debut next month. How the new ranking system works is that there are eight ranks. To get to your first rank you’ll need to win ten matches. This was released as part of the Update 22 which came out recently. Map Picks also make a return with t...[Read More]

PUBG might come to the PS4 soon

PUBG might come to the PS4 soon Talks of a PS4 port of PUBG have been circling for sometime now in the gaming community. Currently, PUBG has been an exclusive title for PC and the Xbox One for sometime now. As Mircosoft is working hard to make sure that the game stays with them by promoting Xbox One bundles for it. PUBG Corp has stated in the past that a PS4 version of the game won’t be rele...[Read More]

Sanhok map Comes To PUBG Mobile

Sanhok map Comes To PUBG Mobile For fans of PUBG mobile, you will be excited to know that the Sanhok map has now launched on PUBG mobile. Now while fans of PUBG on PC and Xbox have already played on the Sanhok map, it’s nice to see that it has now come to mobile giving Android and IOS users the chance to give the map a go if they have never experienced it before. PUBg mobile has also surpass...[Read More]

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