New Photo Mode ‘GO Snapshot’ introduced for Pokémon GO

Give me a pout Pikachu… That’s right a little more to the left.. now POSE! Recently, Niantic have announced a new feature for Pokémon GO called ‘GO Snapshot’. This new feature will allow you to easily take photos with any Pokémon you have in your Pokémon Storage. It isn’t exactly ‘Pokémon Snap’ however, it does beat using AR+ to take pictures within Pokémon GO and I have to admit, it does sound fa...[Read More]

New OutFits Have Been Added To Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go recently put out a tweet showing off the new outfits which can be obtained in Pokemon Go, these outfits are from Unova and Alola regions. Down below is the tweet which also shows of what the outfits look like: Unlocking the outfits can be done by having a gold medal in all three Trainer Battle Leagues-Great, Ultra, and Master. once you have that the outfits costs are as follows: Shirts-...[Read More]

First 2019 Pokemon Community Event revealed

Recently, a new community event for 2019 has been announced for Pokemon GO. Not to mention, Totodile will be the main attraction come January 12th. In addition, Totodile will appear more often during the event with shiny versions as apparently. On top of that, if the player can evolve him into  Feraligatr during and up to an hour after event ends something interesting will happen. In fac...[Read More]

Pokemon Go giving a holiday bonus

Pokemon Go is still the hot-hand, even in the winter months. To get into the spirit, Niantic is kicking off a Holidays 2018 event. This will increase the frequency with which ice Pokemon will show up. This is a fun and creative idea to boost usage in the game. It’s also another solid way for Niantic to maintain its player participation. They’ve also recently announced trainer battles, ...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Trainer Battle details revealed

Recently, Niantic has revealed Trainer Battles coming to Pokemon GO. Accordingly, they’ve gone into further details on the mode as well. Furthermore, the battles will take place in three different leagues appropriate for the player. Not to mention, this also depends on the Pokemon CP limit as well. Great League: 1,500 CP limit per Pokemon Ultra League: 2,500 CP limit per Pokemon Master Leagu...[Read More]

Niantic hints at Player battles in Pokemon GO

Recently, Niantic released an interesting video on their Twitter account for Pokemon GO. Hmm…what’s this? ?? — Pokémon GO is ready to #GOBattle❗ (@PokemonGoApp) November 30, 2018 Of course, anyone who has played a Pokemon this means one thing. Honestly, its about time the mobile hit finally got Player versus Player matches. Yet, it seemed like this was coming...[Read More]

Bug types coming to Pokemon GO soon

Yet, the Halloween hasn’t stop Pokemon GO from thinking of its future prospects. In fact, to stay in the Autumn theme Niantic is revealing Bug Types to the game next month. The Pokemon which will be revealed are Shedinja and Caterpies. Additionally, Shedinja will replace Suicune as you encounter finishing research breakthroughs. On the other hand, Caterpies can be found by completing the res...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Adventure Sync revealed

Recently, Niantic has announced that Pokemon GO will be getting a new feature called “Adventure Sync”. Accordingly, Adventure Sync will allow players to track their walking distance. In fact, you can track this while the game is inactive and without the Plus tracker. Convenient at best Additionally, this will help in situations like hatching eggs which require the use of...[Read More]

Pokemon GO’s ghost types hinted to come out soon

As we know, Pokemon GO is no stranger to Halloween. Yet, we still have no insight for their future plans but we do have some hints. Before, Niantic released special treats as part of the holiday this year. Though, speculation is geared toward the ghost type Pokemon of Generation 4. Accordingly, the ghost type includes Drifloon, Mismagius, Dusknoir, Froslass, Spiritomb, and Drifblim. Not to mention...[Read More]

Pokemon Go Continues To Dominate

Pokemon Go has been getting plenty of updates this year with features that fans have been asking for finally coming to the game and with plenty more feature that has been promised are on the way such as the long-awaited PVP. With these updates that have come out, it appears that Pokemon Go has been attracting back new and old players as in September Niantic’s AR game made $84.8 million over ...[Read More]

Pokemon GO will get new Gen 4 Pokemon

As of late, Pokemon GO has a new trailer out showcasing new locations and new Pokemon for a special Halloween release. In fact, the trailer shows the first Pokemon to appear in the game from the fourth generation: Giratina. Additionally, other new Pokemon will arrive which will include the grass-type Turtwig, the fire-type Chimchar, and the water-type Piplup. Supposedly, Giratina will replace Mewt...[Read More]

Let’s Go’s new trailer includes legendary Pokemon

Nintendo released a new trailer for their upcoming set of titles Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. The games will be released on November 16th for the Nintendo Switch. These new editions of Pokemon will be more than a remake of the first generation of Pokemon games which included Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. Let’s Go will act as a companion to the popular mobile game Pokemon GO. In the Let&...[Read More]

Pokemon GO sees revenue increase thanks to Trading Update

Pokemon GO has seen a serious revenue increase as of late with $2.5 million per day according to Sensor Tower. To thank for all this is the new update in the game which now allows trading Pokemon and to make friends in the game. Since the update the game has seen an increase in sales of 39% compared to their revenue of the past two months. Though this was during the Summer time, yet the Fall and W...[Read More]

Massive Pokemon GO Leak Adds 100+ New Shiny Models

A well-known leaker known as Chrales who has leaked information correctly before has done it again.  With his history of being right, his words are very valued in the Pokemon community. The latest thing he has leaked is that Pokemon Go is adding shiny models to Pokemon like Voltorb, Ponyta, Totodile, and Slowking with much more. Most of the new shiny pokemon is a combination of Gen 1 & Gen 2 s...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Datamine Hints at Gen 4

With Pokemon GO continuing its growth and its popularity remaining strong, it seems Niantic still has plenty left in store for us with the hopeful release of the Gen 4 Pokemon. A recent datamine into the game seems to point towards this inevitable step into the game’s future.   When speaking of Gen 4 Pokemon, these are the ones that originate from the Sinnoh region, more commonly known ...[Read More]

Pokemon Go’s Latest Updates Brings Niantic Kids Login Platform

A new Pokemon Go update has released and with it comes many bug fixes and a few adjustments to friends list, however, the biggest thing to come from the update has to be Niantic Kids login platform. What this allows is for younger players to log in and use an account, which has parental controls. Down below is the full update features: added the Niantic Kids login platform updated the Friend List ...[Read More]

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