Realm Royale Coming To Nintendo Switch?!

It’s looking like Hi-Rez Studios are bring Realm Royale to the Nintendo Switch! Recently, Realm Royale dataminers found a line of text pointing to a possible Switch release. Given that Hi-Rez has already released Paladins and Smite on the eShop it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Realm Royale will be coming too. I should also mention that Paladins and Smite were both leaked for Switch throu...[Read More]

Paladins New Champion Atlas

Paladins is getting a new champion called Atlas. Atlas will be a new frontline champion. Evil Mojo has been teasing this hero for months now, with them revealing new images on Twitter. As you can see from the images many fans of Paladins believed Lex and Kinessa could be Atlas’s parents. Which would make sense especially if you look at the information we got for Atlas. Atlas was born into th...[Read More]

Hi-Rez Studios President Tells Sony To Stop Playing Favourites

Sony has been known to not agree with Cross-play as it took them a while to allow Fortnite to have Cross-play on the PS4; however, they finally broke and approved it. But it seems that they are playing favorites, well that’s what Hi-Rez studious president, Stewart Chisam, believes anyway. Which does make sense as currently Sony only allow cross-play on Fortnite and Rocket League. With no announcem...[Read More]

PALADINS Cross-platform coming to Switch in January

Fans were ecstatic to hear that Developers at Hi-Rez Studios were working on cross-play availability across (nearly) all consoles for their popular online FPS game, PALADINS. News on the matter was dropped mid November 2018 with a recent update on when to expect cross-play to go live. Here is what we know so far: We should be getting update version 2.02 for PALADINS on all platforms mid January 20...[Read More]

Paladins and SMITE crossplay confirmed

Paladins and SMITE crossplay confirmed Recently, Hi-Rez Studios has confirmed that crossplay will happen for Paladin and SMITE. Yet, while the PS4 can handle it technically it won’t receive crossplay at first. In fact, Hi-Rez released the following information to cover the crossplay features: – Cross-play and cross-progression will go live with the 2.01 update for Paladins, and the 6.1...[Read More]

Paladins Now Free On Nintendo Switch

Paladins Now Free On Nintendo Switch Paladins have been free to play for Xbox & PlayStation for quite some time now, Awhile ago Paladins made it’s way to Nintendo Switch. but was not made a free game. When it originally released all it had was the “Founders Pack” Which is cool as if you do pay for the game you get all the heroes upfront without having to pay any extra price. ...[Read More]

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