Switch Up Where You Watch YouTube! The Switch has taken pointers from its competition and has taken steps to become a more rounded entertainment system. YouTube has come to Switch for free and to use it will not require you to pay for their online subscription service. I’m happy to announce our partnership with @Nintendo with the launch of the @YouTube app on the Switch! Watch your favorite @YouTu...[Read More]

New Aerial Vehicle Coming to Fortnite?

A new aerial vehicle could be coming to Fortnite, files found in the v6.22 patch appear to show. Not much is known about this vehicle, but we do know that internally it’s called Bumble. Assets for the plane include things such as overhead, distant, close and travel sounds. A tweet by Fortnite Battle Royale Leaks provides an example of how the vehicle sounds. https://twitter.com/FNBRLeaks/sta...[Read More]

New Nintendo Direct reveals Nintendo’s latest exciting projects

New Nintendo Direct reveals Nintendo’s latest exciting projects Nintendo’s latest direct revealed bits of everything to keep everyone happy in the meantime. They mentioned plenty of information we’re already aware though they mixed in surprises to keep us excited. Final Fantasy Square Enix has since fallen in love with the Nintendo Switch as it will be a home for its classics lik...[Read More]

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