Uncharted Film Delayed Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Uncharted Film Delayed Due to COVID-19

The Uncharted film adaptation has once again been met with a production delay. No surprise. The film has been delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Variety reports that the film was due to beg...

Ellie drawing her bow.

Anthony Newman – Game Co-Director Says The Last Of Us II Will “Redefine Triple-A In 2020”

Aside from the trailers and previews on The Last Of Us II, little else is really known about the sequel. Now a little more information has come to light in a Twitter post. The game’s co-director...

The Last Of Us 2 PC Hints

The Last Of Us 2 Job Listing Suggests PC Release

A new job listing with Naughty Dog suggests The Last Of Us 2, or a title in the future, will be released onto PC. The role is for a graphics programmer. Their main role would be to “implement ne...

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