13 More Indie Games Announced For Xbox One and PC!

Microsoft has announced that 13 more indie games bringing the total new titles to 30 for the GDC crowd! Recently, 13 new indie games have been announced as coming over to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this year. Essentially, this means that the ID@Xbox team will be taking a total of 30 new titles to show to the whole GDC crowd! GameSpot reported that the ‘Microsoft Booth’ at the ...[Read More]

Confirmed: Halo: The Master Chief Collection is Coming to Steam

During yesterdays episode of Inside Xbox, Microsoft confirmed that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be coming to PC and it will include Halo: Reach. This version of Master Chief Collection will be coming out in stages, which means each game will be released on its own in chronological order. Starting with Halo: Reach and ending with Halo 4. 343 industries just wants to make sure each game is...[Read More]

Microsoft May Have Leaked Halo: The Master Chief Collection For PC

PC players are going to be getting very lucky soon as it looks like Halo: The Master Chief Collections is finally coming to mouse and keyboard. This leak was done by Microsoft themselves. They listed the collection of remastered Halo games on the official Microsoft Store as a Surface Hub title. Halo Master Chief collection use to be listed as Xbox only, but recently was changed to Hub. Hub means t...[Read More]

Microsoft plans to expand Xbox Live to other devices including the Nintendo Switch

A session coming to GDC soon hints at Microsoft has planned for Xbox Live. Titled Xbox Live: Growing and Engaging your Gaming Community plans to have the platform expand to more devices. The devices include iOS, Android, and even the Nintendo Switch of all things. “Xbox Live players are highly engaged and active on Xbox and PC, but now they can take their gaming achievement history, their fr...[Read More]

Microsoft has begun work on the Xbox One Black Screen error

A while back owners of the Xbox One have reported issues of black screen errors prohibting players from proceeding further into the console. Microsoft has been made aware of the issue and has taken action. In fact, its been reported at this time that the company has found the source of the problem and has begun taking action into correcting it. It’s good to see Microsoft to see stay on top o...[Read More]

Xbox Scarlett dev kit will be called Anaconda

Xbox Scarlett dev kit will be called Anaconda Recently, the codename for the developer kits for Xbox Scarlett has been revealed to e “Anaconda”. Obviously, this continues the theme of Microsoft naming their projects after reptiles. For example, the Xbox One X was codenamed Project Scorpio. In addition, this information was provided by Jez Corden of Window’s Central. Not to mentio...[Read More]

Xbox IP receiving new title soon

Xbox IP receiving new title soon Interestingly, an insider named Klobrille has discovered that new title is being worked on from Microsoft Studios. In fact, this new game will actually be a follow up to an existing title from them. Additionally, this is set to come out for upcoming Xbox Scarlett. A beloved Xbox IP game you have probably played in the last 4 years or so will get its bold second tit...[Read More]

The Division 2 New Skills Announced!

The Division 2 Intelligence annex has come to us with some information on the new skills for the second iteration of the Division Franchise. On November 29th They announced 5 Skill Categories. They are Categories because each of the skills have different settings. If you want a detailed run down then click here. I will supply a small run down of the five new skills. Chem Launcher. It’s exact...[Read More]

Microsoft Adds New Job Listings Related To The Next Gen Xbox

Microsoft Adds New Job Listings Related To The Next Gen Xbox We all know that the next generation Xbox is coming it’s just a matter of when, though no one knows the answer but Microsoft themselves. However, Microsoft has released some new job listings online which many people believe could lead to the next-gen Xbox releasing late 2019 or 2020, the job listings are as follows: Sr. Electrical ...[Read More]

Xbox Adaptive Controller works on Switch

Xbox Adaptive Controller works on Switch Interestingly, a YouTuber revealed a clever way to use the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Accordingly, My Mate Vince released a video of using the controller with the Nintendo Switch. Apparently, if you pick up a Mayflash Magic-NS on Amazon for $20 the controller can actually work on the hybrid console. Not to mention, since the controller is designed for people...[Read More]

An Xbox One S without a disc drive might come out

An Xbox One S without a disc drive might come out Accordingly, a source on Thurrott claims that Microsft will sell an interesting version of the Xbox One S. In fact, they claim that this console will lack a disc drive and will sell at $200. Therefore, a plan will go into effect enabling players to trade their physical games for digital ones on their Xbox Live account. “Microsoft is moving forward ...[Read More]

Microsoft and Nintendo will be at E3 next year

Microsoft and Nintendo will be at E3 next year Recently, Sony revealed some shocking news that’ll be backing out of E3 next year. Interestingly, in light of this Nintendo and Microsoft have confirmed they’ll be going next year as planned. Of course, several key figures from both companies have spoken up on the matter: We can't wait to see you all at @E3 2019 ? #XboxAtE3 #Xbox &mdas...[Read More]

Crackdown 3 Release details revealed

Crackdown Release details revealed Let me take you back to E3 2014 when we treated to the CRACKDOWN trailer. Which featured the ever so charismatic Terry Crews. Did anyone think, come 2018, this game would still not be released. Ever since then the game has been given a new title … wait for it … CRACKDOWN 3. All gamers in committed relationships are going to hate next valentine’s day after chippin...[Read More]

State of Decay 2’s Zedhunter update revealed

State of Decay 2’s Zedhunter update revealed Recently, it was revealed at XO18 this year that State of Decay 2 will be receiving a new update soon. In fact, the zombie survival title’s game’s blog goes into more detail about the update. New Gear Additionally, the following will be arriving in the update: Eight new crossbows Three new melee weapons (aka SWORDS!) – the Wraith, Mamb...[Read More]

XBOX One’s Backwards Compatibility adds more titles!

XBOX One’s Backwards Compatibility adds more titles! At its launch in November 2013, the XBOX One, to the disappointment of many, failed to launch with backward compatibility. The outrage was heard by Microsoft and backwards compatibility was rolled out on November 12, 2015. Since that day, XBOX One owners have been able to enjoy their favourite XBOX 360 titles and games have constantly been added...[Read More]

Microsoft reveals prototype mobile controllers

Microsoft reveals prototype mobile controllers   As of late, Microsoft has been testing out prototype controllers for phones and tablets. Supposedly, this will be for their upcoming Project xCloud streaming service. Accordingly, this report comes from Windows Central along with the images above. To sum up, now that we have some idea of what Project xCLoud will look like its intriguing. Honest...[Read More]

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