LEGO® DC Super-Villains Aquaman Movie Parts 1 & Part 2

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment known for their popular LEGO video games released Aquaman Movie Parts 1 & 2 for LEGO® DC Super-Villains. The new downloadable packs are available now to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. Aquaman Movie Parts 1 & 2 is based off the newly released Aquaman movie (2018). Players will be able to play as Aquaman and Mera, ...[Read More]

Several LEGO Lord of the Rings games have been removed

Several LEGO Lord of the Rings games have been removed Interestingly, several LEGO titles have been removed digital stores like on the PS4 and Xbox One. Of course, these include the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit exactly. However, it seems as though this a licensing issue in this case. In fact this was first discovered by Reddit user SuperMoonky who has noted that dialogue and music from the fil...[Read More]

Upcoming Overwatch Lego Sets Leaked By Target

Upcoming Overwatch Lego Sets Leaked By Target US retailer Target has accidentally leaked images of upcoming Overwatch Lego Sets, this was spotted by Lego Fansite The Brick Fan. Now we have already seen the Bastion Lego Piece but we knew there was more coming but had no idea what they looked like until now, all the images will be down below but my favorite has to be Solider 76 in the car with Reape...[Read More]

Overwatch Bastion LEGO figure revealed

Overwatch Bastion LEGO figure revealed As of late, LEGO and Blizzard will be releasing a set of LEGO figures based on the Overwatch series. First off, Bastion is the first figure to be introduced as shown above. Additionally, Bastion’s figure is available to order online on Blizzard’s website. Most importantly, The first set of figures will be exclusive to the Blizzard Gear Store upon ...[Read More]

Lego Harry Potter Collection is coming to more platforms this holiday

Just a rumor for now There has been some speculation that the Lego Harry Potter Collection which was released on the PS4 in 2016, which was a next gen upgrade to it’s Wii counterparts will see a another release this November.   If you look closely at the image and it’s price listing is that it includes  a price for the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One. If this is true this port of...[Read More]

Could LEGO Fortnite Battle Royale Be a Thing?

The massive behemoth that is Fortnite has seen the likes of Thanos, John Wick, and now Shark Week grace its cartoonish world; is it now ready for the LEGO treatment? The simple answer is yes, and Youtuber Bearly Regal has given us just that. Bearly Regal, known for his lego-ifying of numerous video games and tv shows such as Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine has recreated the fan-f...[Read More]

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