New League of Legends Gameplay Trailer! – Kayle and Morgana Reworks

Updated Champion Models + Updated Abilities! Recently, a video uploaded to the official Riot Games YouTube channel today, new gameplay and visuals for Kayle and Morgana are revealed, Check out the video below… Of course, both characters abilities come across as extremely similar as to what they already were… Kayle looks to maintain her ranged basic attacks and splash damage, as well as t...[Read More]

Latest Gameplay From Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Once again gamers will have the chance to suit up as their favorite superheroes from Marvel comics to battle Thanos and The Black Order. Recently announced during Nintendo Direct, Team Ninja (the team who brought us the Ninja Gaiden series), will bring players the opportunity to choose which superheroes they want on their team during this epic battle. Players can choose from The Avengers, The X-Me...[Read More]

Anthem Game Play Part 2: Endgame

In the video below they are going to be looking into the expanding world of Anthem and its endgame content. You start Anthem as a freelancer that joins a failed vision to shut down a cataclysm called the heart of rage. It is basically up to you to redeem the freelancers and ultimately find a way to succeed in silencing it. Basically the game does not end with its conclusion. As the most dedicated ...[Read More]

Yoshi’s Crafted World – Release Date Confirmed!

Yoshi’s Next Adventure Is Set To Be Released In March 2019! Recently, Nintendo announced that ‘Yoshi’s Crafted World’ will come to the Nintendo Switch on March 29th. Along with this great news, Nintendo also released a new story trailer for the game… this can be viewed below. If this trailer has left you wanting more you can check out the gameplay trailer below. This was also posted by Nintendo an...[Read More]

Daily Gaming Report’s NEW YouTube Extravaganza!

The ‘Daily Gaming Report’ YouTube Channel Is Live Right Now! Bringing you the latest gaming news for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and of course Nintendo. Our new YouTube team are working around the clock to find the latest sneak peaks, rumours, news and more regarding your favourite consoles and game franchises. Meet Our Host We found the princess!.. Introducing Hannah!.. This time the princess WAS in th...[Read More]

The Team Behind Yakuza Present – ‘Judge Eyes’

Sega’s ‘Judge Eyes’ is due to be released in Japan on 13th December and is set for a western release later in 2019. Recently, Sega announced Judge Eyes for the PS4. This was announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The game introduces us to ‘Takayumi Yagami’, a defence lawyer turned private detective. Interesting, looking at some gameplay (shown in the video on IGN’s youtube below) it looks to pl...[Read More]

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Finally Revealed

With a game as hype as this, were all very excited to finally take a first look at the official gameplay of upcoming RPG, Cyperpunk 2077.   CD Projekt RED revealed the footage during a mysterious Twitch livestream that showed nothing more than a string of unreadable code. The footage unveiled a large amount of gameplay, showcasing many of its new mechanics as well as photogenic shots of the g...[Read More]

New Action-Packed Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay Revelaed at Gamescon 2018

With the hype surrounding the latest installment to the hack and slash series, brand new footage of Devil May Cry 5 has just been revealed at this year’s Gamescon.   Last week, it was confirmed by Capcom that new footage was promised to be shown at Gamescon. That promise was delivered as an entire demo was shown available to play, including a boss battle right at the end of it.   I...[Read More]

Madden 19 Review

Madden 19 Review  Another year with another Madden title releasing but, this year is different and I will tell you why. Madden 19 took everything that was wrong with Madden 18 and improved it in some fashion. After spending 10 hours on this game trying out every feature and every nuance I have developed some opinions. First, let’s just say it to get it out, Madden 18 took made a lot of mista...[Read More]

Spiderman PS4 Gameplay Shows Off Web-Slinging

Spiderman going gold this week excited all of the fans waiting to finally play as this legendary Marvel superhero. This is about the time we will start getting video that shows off the hyped game. In the video below we see Peter Parker as he swings around the city doing some good old exploring. The scene is pretty and is a very realistic build to mimic new york city. In this video below we see Spi...[Read More]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay being Shown To Media Members

Red Dead Redemption 2 is set to come out in a few months and it might be the most highly anticipated game of the year. With all the hype around it, it is quite odd that Rockstar has yet to release anything about the gameplay of the game. Recently, A journalist posted on Instagram that implied that Rockstar has invited some media members to see a demo if the gameplay for this hyped release. The pos...[Read More]

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