Zelda: Link’s Awakening Sold 430k Copies in Just 3 Days in Europe

Recently, it was announced by Nintendo that Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake had sold 430,000 units in its first 3 days! This is nothing short of a miracle given that Link’s Awakening is not technically...


GRID 2 Removed From Digital Storefronts – GRID Autosport Coming Soon!

Recently, GRID 2 which was released back in 2013 was unfortunately removed from all digital storefronts across PC, PS3 or Xbox 360. The reasons for this are unconfirmed however will most likely be due...

Nvidia Shield OS is now usable on the Nintendo Switch

Another breakthrough for hackers of the Nintendo Switch, as not long ago the homebrew community managed to get Android OS running on the Nintendo Switch; this allowed some players to find a way to use...

Fallout Miami

Fallout Miami: Fallout 4 Has Early Mod Release

“I HATE TO SAY IT, BUT THIS MIGHT BE THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING BIG”. Over the years the Fallout universe has provided us with an array of places to explore. Washington, Nevada and The Com...

SOT friends

Sea Of Thieves – Friends Play Free Event Starts Today!

‘Aarrrggghhh!.. Invite your mateees to play for free from February 6th – February 13th.!’ Starting today, friends play free in Sea of Thieves. So anyone who’s part of the Sea of Thieves Insider ...


Fantastic 4 Content for Spider-Man PS4 Confirmed

Marvel Games ‘Fantastic Four Week’ is going to bring Fantastic 4 content to multiple games… including Spider-Man PS4! Recently, as part of its ‘Fantastic Four Week’ celebrations. Marvel Ga...

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