PlayStation 5 Specifications Unveiled!

8 Cores, Backwards Compatibility + More! Recently, in an interview with Wired, a surprising number of details were unveiled about Sony’s next-gen console. In the interview, Cerny confirmed that the PS5 won’t launch in 2019 and when it does launch games will continue to be released for the PS4. Interestingly, Cerny revealed that devkits of the new console have already been put in the hands of game ...[Read More]

PSN Name Change Functionality Finally Live – Your Questions Answered

X0XSniperKiller123X0X can say goodbye with Playstation’s latest update! Following a long and painful beta period, the ability to change your PlayStation Network ID is now available. That said however before changing your PSN ID there are some points to take into account. Here’s a list of all the things you need to know before changing your online ID. These FAQ’s have been answered officially...[Read More]

Roblox Active Monthly Users Hits 90 Million!

‘Today Roblox is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish with support for additional languages to be added in the coming months.’ Recently, it was announced that Roblox has exceeded 90 million active monthly users. It is unmistakable that the game is growing rapidly due to international growth. Recent updates include support for French and German languages as well as the avai...[Read More]

Assassin’s Creed 2020 To Introduce Vikings!?

“Welcome to warrior paradise, where you can listen to Frank Sinatra in Norwegian FOREVER!” Recently, Kotaku heard from two different sources that the next Assassin’s Creed game will feature Vikings. First of all, Ubisoft is well known for teasing games within games… With this being said an ‘Easter Egg’ image in The Division 2 seems to suggest the next Assassin’s Creed game will be taking a Norse t...[Read More]

3 New Nintendo Switch Games Listed on Best Buy’s Employee System!

A Link To The Past!? Recently, three new Nintendo Switch games were added to Best Buy’s Employee system. The three games in question are: Persona 5 Metroid Prime Trilogy Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Now, Persona 5 and Metroid Prime Trilogy have all been long rumoured, you could say these were expected… but Zelda: A Link To The Past? That is a strange one. This could be a mistake yes, but ‘L...[Read More]

Tetris 99 – Update 1.2.0 – New Features!

Update 1.2.0 Adds A New Hard Drop Sensitivity Setting And A New Win Screen… Amazing. Recently, version 1.2.0 has been released for the addictive battle royale game… Tetris 99. This version adds a new online disclaimer message, low and high hard drop sensitivity settings and a new win screen. Not the biggest of updates and most likely one the most players won’t actually notice… But anyway, If...[Read More]

Summer Games Done Quick Announce 2019 Schedule

Speedrunning Marathons for Charity Following on from GDQ 2019 comes this year’s Summer Games Done Quick, an annual speedrunning charity event that will be taking place from this Summer from June 23 to June 30. This time round it’ll be raising money for ‘Doctors Without Borders’. The last event managed to raise over £2.4 million for prevent cancer foundation and have no doubts that the ...[Read More]

OVERCOOKED 2 Campfire Cook Off DLC and Season Pass Revealed!

The Onion King has joined the Cookie Scouts in his latest bid to appease his kingdom! Recently, Team17 and Ghost Town Games revealed to us new downloadable content coming soon for Overcooked 2! This announcement also came with plans for a season pass meaning even more future content to come. The new DLC is called Campfire Cook Off. In the DLC You will head to the forests of the Onion Kingdom to co...[Read More]

EA has Layed Off 350 jobs in Japan and Russia

2019 continues to be a tough year for the games industry… Following Blizzard laying off nearly 800 employees and the layoffs at ArenaNet, EA has had to layoff 350 of its 9,000 employees in Japan and Russia. The news was revealed by Kotaku after they received an e-mail by the companies CEO Andrew Wilson. In the e-mail to the employees, Andre Wilson explained that the decision was for streamli...[Read More]

Marvel’s ‘Iron Man VR’ Announced For Release This Year!

‘Have you ever tried VR?… I don’t know what it is, but I wanna try it.’ Recently, it was announced that Camouflaj, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Marvel Games had been working on the new, exclusive PSVR title… ‘Iron Man VR’. With 2 Years of development, new ‘Impulse Armour’ and an aspiration to make the ‘ultimate Iron Man fantasy game’ the announcement for Iron Man VR couldn’t make me an...[Read More]

Realm Royale Coming To Nintendo Switch?!

It’s looking like Hi-Rez Studios are bring Realm Royale to the Nintendo Switch! Recently, Realm Royale dataminers found a line of text pointing to a possible Switch release. Given that Hi-Rez has already released Paladins and Smite on the eShop it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Realm Royale will be coming too. I should also mention that Paladins and Smite were both leaked for Switch throu...[Read More]

Konami Announce Anniversary Collection Series

This year marks ‘Konami’s 50th Anniversary’, to celebrate, a three-game series for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC is being released! Recently, Konami has announced a new compilation pack series that puts together a great collection of “iconic arcade games and classic console titles” into one package. The bundle is called ‘The Konami Anniversary Collection series’ and is coming to PlaySt...[Read More]

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe – TEKKEN World Tour Full Details Announced

The third tournament season will come to new locations, have new  tournament categories and will boast a £141,000 ($185,000) prize pool! Recently, it was announced that Twitch will once again be the exclusive streaming host for the for this years ‘TEKKEN World Tour’. The Tournament kicks off on April 20th, at ‘The MIXUP’ in Lyon, France then continues on to multiple destinations around the world. ...[Read More]

Battlefield V Firestorm – New Info & Details

New Firestorm details have emerged due to data found inside the game’s client. There’s a ton of new information to take in! Information on Battlefield V’s upcoming battle royale mode has been scarce… Up until now. Recently, thanks to Reddit user temporyal, a ton of new data has been found and released. In the leak there is a lot of interesting and new information to look at. As an example, they’ll...[Read More]

Next Apex Legends Character + Battle Pass Release Date Confirmed?!

‘I got some adrenaline over here!’ Recently a new Daily Esports report via a source that would like to remain anonymous has revealed that ‘Octane’ will be Apex Legends’ next hero. Interestingly a high quality image has been shared that matches up to other leaks that have been circulating around Reddit (shown above)… One of which actually shows the character’s skill set. (shown below) The above men...[Read More]

The Last of Us Part 2 – Release Date Leaked

Peruvian Retailer – Law Gamers have issued promotional Last of Us Part 2 material displaying October 2019 as a release date! Recently, Peruvian retailer Law Gamers recently released a promotional poster for the upcoming Last of Us sequel. This poster mentions that The Last of Us Part 2 is launching for PlayStation 4 in October 2019… Check out the poster shared on Twitter by Game Signal below! Of c...[Read More]

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