Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone Gameplay revealed

Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone Gameplay revealed Recently, a Twitch channel called JVTV streamed some footage on Crackdown. In fact, its on the mutliplayer mode of the game called Wrecking Zone. Additionally, they play the game for over 40 minutes. Apparently, Wrecking Zone offers custom settings prior to a given match. For example, you can choose your choice of gear, gender, emblem, lenswear, killsign...[Read More]

Crackdown 3 preload is now available

Crackdown 3 preload is now available Recently, it’s been revealed that you can actually preload Crackdown 3. In fact, you can download 7 MB of the game. Interestingly, this is the first Game Pass title available like this for PC and the Xbox One. Not to mention, if you download the game you get the game file and a multiplayer file called “Wrecking Zone”. Funny enough, if you try ...[Read More]

Crackdown 3 Release details revealed

Crackdown Release details revealed Let me take you back to E3 2014 when we treated to the CRACKDOWN trailer. Which featured the ever so charismatic Terry Crews. Did anyone think, come 2018, this game would still not be released. Ever since then the game has been given a new title … wait for it … CRACKDOWN 3. All gamers in committed relationships are going to hate next valentine’s day after chippin...[Read More]

XO18 Presentation Possibly Bringing New Title For Crackdown 3

XO18 Presentation Possibly Bringing New Title For Crackdown 3 With it being hours away for XO18, there is talk going around that Crackdown 3 could be getting a new title.  According to a Reddit post, there was a picture of Crackdown 3, with the title “Crackdown 3: New Providence”. E3 2014 was the first time hearing about Crackdown 3.  The games first window of release was supposed to b...[Read More]

Crackdown 3 PC Requirements Revealed

Crackdown 3’s PC system requirements have been revealed today.  Good news – A super computer is NOT needed! Crackdown 3 launches on PC and Xbox One on February 2019. The system requirements have been released by Sumo Digital today and can be found below: Minimum Your device must meet all minimum requirements to open this product OS Xbox One, Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher Architecture ...[Read More]

Crackdown 3 100% destruction confirmed

Crackdown 3 100% destruction confirmed Finally, some good news for Crackdown 3. Since its announcement back at E3 2014 (with a planned 2016 release date) it has been nothing but problematic for Microsoft. Recent Twitter posts by insider Klobrille might finally shed some light on the game. In fact, it was originally announced the game would use cloud computing tech. Additionally, this would allow a...[Read More]

Crackdown 3 To Be Delayed Again

Everyone hates delays especially when it comes to a game you are waiting for, So for anyone who is waiting for Crackdown 3, I suggest you get waiting a little longer. Crackdown 3 was announced at Microsoft’s conference during E3 2014. Since the announcement of the game, it has just kept getting delayed. So hopefully these delays are worth it. The first release date was due November 7th, 2017, it w...[Read More]

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