Google Console Controller Leaks Before GDC 2019

Before the reveal at GDC 2019, it looks like images have leaked of a Google gaming console. From the looks of this controller, in my opinion it would have a weird feel to it. The analog sticks are aligned instead of being offset. The way that the handles look, just seems that it would be an awkward hold. Instead of having X, Y, B, A buttons it looks like those buttons are color coded with red, blu...[Read More]

Daily Gaming Report’s Top 10 Worst Video Game Accessories Of All Time

Sometimes it isn’t a surprise to see a product fail miserably… Recently, there hasn’t been too much to complain about within the video game world of accessories. The biggest addition to gaming world right now is of course, ‘Virtual Reality’. But, we are not here to talk about the good bits and bats.. O no! Here are the top 10 worst video game accessories of all time! 10. Resident Evil Chainsaw Con...[Read More]

Playstation Controller Soon to have a touchscreen?!

An update to the existing DualShock controller patent includes a new design featuring a touchscreen Recently, a patent application by Sony was published for a touchscreen-equipped PlayStation controller. At this moment in time, PlayStation controllers have a touch-enabled center pad that allows gamers to navigate through menus etc. with a touch-based interface. Interestingly, this patent applicati...[Read More]

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