Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace Mode Release Date Confirmed

Devil May Cry 5 has wowed players with its dazzling combat, graphics, and smokin’ sexy style since it released last week. Now, we finally have word on when the free Bloody Palace Mode will be added to the popular hack-and-slash game. Luckily, fans won’t have to wait long, as the new survival-style mode will launch on April 1, 2019—just in time for April Fools’ Day! In an email to DGR, Capcom’s PR ...[Read More]

New Devil May Cry 5 demo arrives today

Today a new demo goes live Devil May Cry 5 on the PS4 and Xbox One. Prior to this there was one solely on the Xbox One after the Game Awards. Though it was pulled in preparation for this one. The first one consisted of playing as Nero in the game. On a plus side if players download the demo they’ll be rewarded with 30,000 Red Orbs and can be transferred into the full game upon purchase. The ...[Read More]

Daily Gaming Report’s Top 10 Worst Video Game Accessories Of All Time

Sometimes it isn’t a surprise to see a product fail miserably… Recently, there hasn’t been too much to complain about within the video game world of accessories. The biggest addition to gaming world right now is of course, ‘Virtual Reality’. But, we are not here to talk about the good bits and bats.. O no! Here are the top 10 worst video game accessories of all time! 10. Resident Evil Chainsaw Con...[Read More]

New Content Coming to Resident Evil 2 in February

It looks as if the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake is only going to keep getting better. Announced recently by Capcom, the “Ghost Survivors” update, which will begin rolling out February 15, will include three new stories for the highly praised survival-horror game. Each story in the add-on will focus on a different character who failed to live through the events in Raccoon City. In “No T...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 launch trailer revealed

Capcom has revealed the launch trailer to Resident Evil which drops this Friday. Most likely this is the final trailer prior to the release but you never know. The hype ain’t stopping as this trailer builds up the game to be an epic ride. Though it does reveal more details on the plot as you can view below. This iteration of the classic sequel seems rounded off nicely. Having played the 1-Sh...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 remake will feature retro skins

If you miss the old school look of Leon and Claire in Resident Evil have no fear, they are coming to the remake as well. Set for a March 22nd release the polygonal throwbacks will be free. Yet, if you live in Japan and buy a ¥3,000 PlayStation Store voucher for the game you can get them this Friday of the game’s launch. Now, all we need now is a skin of Leon from Resident Evil 4 and life wil...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 demo has had 2.3 million downloads

Capcom has confirmed that the 1 shot demo to Resident Evil 2 has already reached past 2.3 million downloads. In fact, about 29 percent of player was able to beat the demo which comes out to 320,000 players. You see the demo has a thirty-minute time limit and once that’s up the game’s over. This demo is actually quite fun as you explore the Police Station and the surrounding parts of Ra...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 DLC has been hinted

The much anticipated remake to Resident Evil 2 will arrive this Friday the 25th. Capcom has been preparing its arrival for some time now but some wonder past that. The director and producer of the game Kazunori Kadoi and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi respectively recently sat down with Saudi Gamer discussing details on the game. One of the questions they were asked was that if any DLC was planned. Currentl...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 cocktail in London uses real blood

You know a bar in London is going to serve Resident Evil 2 themed cocktails? Better yet for you vampires out there they will be made with real blood. I wish I was making this up. The Safe House Experience and Bar will have an event on January 25th and 26th celebrating the game’s launch. It’s located at the Bargehouse South Bank in London. “Guests will be encouraged to take shelter in t...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 PC Size Revealed

Resident Evil 2 is slowing creeping up on us and I’m sure many fans of the game can’t wait to get back to raccoon city. Now while we know there is a demo which will allow players to play Resident Evil 2 for 30 mins, you can check that article out here. There has been no official word on what the size of the game would be, other than for the Xbox version of Resident Evil 2 which would be 21gb accor...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 Demo Announced

A demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake has finally been announced by Capcom. However, it’s an atypical demo with a time limit. The demo, fittingly titled the “1-Shot Demo,” puts players in the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy, a mainstay in the Resident Evil series.  The player will have thirty minutes to complete the demo’s mission objective, and, upon completion of the mission, the player w...[Read More]

Head Cannon shows off their Darkwing Duck demo

Head Cannon shows off their Darkwing Duck demo Head Cannon, the team behind Sonic Mania recently put out a demo to Capcom of a DarkWing Duck game. This pitch would have been a follow up to the NES title based on the classic series. Since Capcom owns the rights to the game it makes sense why they went there. However, Capcom did actually turn down the pitch but you can still see what they did as it ...[Read More]

Leon’s backstory revealed for Resident Evil 2

Recently, Capcom has revealed the new backstory for Leon in the upcoming remake to Resident Evil 2. In fact, they change it completely and make it more dry than before. Additionally, the Tweet translates to the following: “New officer Leon S. Kennedy was assigned to Raccoon City. Before going on duty, Kennedy was at home on standby, waiting for his orders. After no one contacted him and feeling so...[Read More]

Capcom removes ads in Street Fighter V

Recently, Capcom has removed their optional ads in Street Fighter V. Of course, earlier this month Capcom applied ads into the game to promote things like the Capcom Pro Tour. Matter of fact, after the Pro tour ended and the negative outcry over the ads. However, Capcom never promised this would permanent or if they would be gone for good. Obviously, when the next event or new interest Capcom has ...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 remake demo coming soon

Recently, its been discovered by True Achievements that a demo is on the way for Resident Evil 2. In fact, this will be a 1 Shot Demo coming out on January 11th before the game’s January 25th release date.  More importantly, this demo will run for thirty minutes shooting and dying for as many times as you want in the time span. However, this demo isn’t here to stay as it plans to ...[Read More]

Capcom responds to fans outcry to ads in games

Recently, Capcom sent out a statement due to the fan response of ads in Street Fighter V. Of course, Capcom placed a feature last week in the game to have optional ads in the game. In addition, these were to promote events like the Capcom Cup and various other items.  events like, people hated it with some fans making mock-ups of the ads as their events like leisure. Yet, series executive pro...[Read More]

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