Borderlands 3…Epic Exclusive?

Have you ever saw something and then think about something that you saw in the past that could relate to what you just saw? Well that is what’s happening in this situation. We all know that Borderland 3 is going to be coming out. Well people believe that it is going to be Epic exclusive from a tweet that they saw a few months ago. This tweet happened back in December, where Randy Pitchford, ...[Read More]

Borderlands might be set to make an appearance at PAX East

Borderlands 3 has been teased for a few years now, whether it be the occasional vague tweet from the President of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, or a “leak” from one of the many fan channels on Youtube. However today a tweet posted by Gearbox seems to have cemented at least an appearance at PAX East. The picture is a billboard with the location and date of the Gearbox PAX East panel šŸ‘€ pic.t...[Read More]

Borderlands 3 might come out in 2019

Borderlands 3 might come out in 2019 As we know, Gearbox is developing a follow up to 2012’s BorderlandsĀ 2. However, they’ve been rather quiet about the production of the game. Yet, there are a few sources claiming that Borderlands 3 will come out next year. First off, the Youtube channel The Triple S League has claimed that two sources have said the localization of Borderlands 3 is al...[Read More]

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