Could Diablo 4 Be In The Works

With the recent news that Activision Blizzard will be laying off 100 of employees. It seems odd that Blizzard currently has 16 job openings for an unannounced project. While we don’t know much, what we do know is that it is for an unannounced project and as Diablo Immortal, yes that mobile game no one wanted. Well as that has been announced already, we know that it isn’t for Diablo Imm...[Read More]

Creative Director of Cyberpunk 2077 Now Working With Blizzard

Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red has apparently lost its creative director, Sebastian Stępień, to Blizzard. It was discovered by a user on a message board that his LinkedIn profile mentions that he has joined Blizzard on an unnamed project. Cyberpunk 2077 first got announced in 2012 at E3, and in 2018. Demos were shown to members of the game press that were granted a chance to see the game ...[Read More]

Overwatch Lunar New Year Skins Revealed

New year, new you, new Overwatch skins! As per tradition, Overwatch has revealed its first of many events this year, which comes with an array of new skins. Overwatch Lunar New Year is 2019’s first Overwatch event beginning January 24, and finishing on February 18. Celebrating the year of the pig, Overwatch has dedicated this year’s skins to Chinese culture, with each character representing Chines...[Read More]

Activison Bungie Partnership Comes To An End

Just two months after Activision’s bad news earnings call, (which highlighted many problems) Activision is pulling out of its partnership with Bungie. “Some of our other franchises like Destiny are not performing as well as we’d like,” said COO Coddy Johnson during the aforementioned call, which took place in November. He went on to say that some players were in ‘wait and see...[Read More]

Overwatch Story Reveals Soldier 76 Backstory

Blizzard has released a new short story, titled “Bastet,” that gives more background information about Jack Morrison, AKA Soldier 76, and Ana. Perhaps most notable was the reveal that Soldier 76 is Overwatch’s second confirmed LGBT character. In a discussion with Ana, Morrison reveals that he once struggled to balance his duty and his own personal life. As Ana holds a photo of a young Soldier 76 a...[Read More]

Activision Blizzard terminates its CFO

Activision Blizzard terminates its CFO Recently, Activision Blizzard have terminated the contract of their CFO Spencer Neumann. In fact the former Cheif Financial Officer was notified on December 31st as the new year rolled in. Accordingly, the company’s statement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission Filing on the decision was “for cause unrelated to the Company’s financi...[Read More]

Blizzard downsizes Heroes of the Storm team

Recently, Blizzard has announced that they will be reducing the team behind Heroes of the Storm. Yet, they’re moving them to other projects and not laying anyone off. Not to mention, this means they’ll cancel their esports events coming up as well. In fact, Blizzard’s statement behind the decision feels like a tough pill to swallow. In addition, Blizard’s Allen Brack and Ra...[Read More]

New cards revealed for Rastakhan’s Rumble

New cards revealed for Rastakhan’s Rumble Recently, Blizzard has revealed new cards for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion Rastakhan’s Rumble. In fact, part of a recent stream revealed 13 new cards as well as two troll champions such as Mage loa Jan’alai and her Spirit card. Not to mention, Blizzard has revealed the following cards: Zentimo High Priestess Jeklik Jan’alai, the...[Read More]

Overwatch on Switch is still a possibility

Overwatch on Switch is still a possibility Overwatch, the popular team-based shooter, has been out for over two years for PS4, XB1, and PC. There’s now a little hope for Switch players getting their chance too. The game isn’t out for the Switch as of yet. Blizzard’s first problem is that Nintendo hadn’t released the Switch yet. Overwatch’s release came almost a year b...[Read More]

Hearthstone celebrates reaching 100 million players

Hearthstone celebrates reaching 100 million players Hearthstone, the card collecting and battling game from Blizzard, has reached a major milestone. It has hit 100 million players. To celebrate the exciting feat, Blizzard is rewarding its users with free cards. Blizzard is offering free card packs for an active account for simply logging in between November 7 and 11. Players will get six card pack...[Read More]

Blizzard – No Current Plans for Warcraft 4

Blizzard remains focused Warcraft 3: Reforged. It has been a long time since any new content has been released to the RTS world of Warcraft. Specifically, the last addition to the series was Warcraft 3’s expansion pack, The Frozen Throne that was released way back in 2003. Unfortunately, for Warcraft fans there may be a much longer wait for a ‘Warcraft 4’. In a recent interview with GameSpot, Seni...[Read More]

New Overwatch Hero Ashe Now Live On PTR

New Overwatch Hero Ashe Now Live On PTR Announced at BlizzCon 2018, Overwatch’s 29th hero Ashe joins the team as the newest versatile damage hero. Using her semi-automatic rifle ‘The Viper’ Ashe can fire from her hip or use the aim sight to inflict a high damage shot. Ashe is a 39-year-old gang leader and thief from Dreadlock Gorge, Arizona, USA and is a respected figure in the criminal underworld...[Read More]

Path of Exile announces Private Leagues

Path of Exile announces Private Leagues Lately, Path of Exile’s popularity has been going strong. Especially, after Blizzard’s disappointing display of Diablo at Blizzcon last week. Accordingly, the game is set to have its largest expansion soon. In fact, Blizzard have announced the availability of private leagues for players today. The developers envisioned private leagues from the beginning wher...[Read More]

Bungie has made Destiny 2 free to play on the PC

Bungie has made Destiny 2 free to play on the PC To celebrate the first anniversary of its launch, Bungie has made the PC version of Destiny 2 free to download, starting today, at blizzards launcher, until 18th November 2018. The best part of this amazing deal is that anyone who downloads Destiny 2 during this period gets the keep the game forever – no charge (which in my opinion ...[Read More]

Heroes Of the Storm Is Getting Its First Original Character Orphea

Heroes Of The Storm includes heroes from all of Blizzards games, however, things are about to change as with the new hero Orphea who is a completely original hero not tied to any Blizzard game is making the way to the team. Her official bio is as follows: “Rejecting the dark power her father had begun to consort with, Orphea tried to run away from the Raven Lord’s influence. But after ...[Read More]

Overwatch Hero 29 release gaining more steam

Overwatch Hero 29 release gaining more steam If the clues released by Blizzard this week are any indication, then Overwatch players will have a new hero sometime very soon. With BlizzCon just a couple of days away, the timing makes sense for the official announcement of Hero 29. I wrote an article earlier this week about the potential reveal of a new Overwatch hero. Blizzard started the fire for H...[Read More]

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