Anthem Game Play Part 2: Endgame

In the video below they are going to be looking into the expanding world of Anthem and its endgame content. You start Anthem as a freelancer that joins a failed vision to shut down a cataclysm called the heart of rage. It is basically up to you to redeem the freelancers and ultimately find a way to succeed in silencing it. Basically the game does not end with its conclusion. As the most dedicated ...[Read More]

Anthem to release more content post launch already confirmed!

Anthem Producer Scylla Costa, during an interview with MMO Games, said the following: “We have many different teams who have been working on that stuff for a few weeks already, so you can see different cosmetic items, different creatures, maybe a new region to explore,” This is a “living game” which is a first for BioWare and knowing what most people expect from the story in terms of what BioWare ...[Read More]

BioWare show us free play for anthem including world events and more.

BioWare have been showing more and more gameplay in the month leading up to release of their new epic. Some journalists have already had some hands-on gameplay last year and EA and dropped the embargo on releasing the footage. They can show 10 minutes of footage the two videos below belong to Arekkz and Datto. BioWare known for their epic story telling 90% of the time with games that lead the play...[Read More]

New Dragon Age teaser trailer revealed

A teaser trailer for the new Dragon Age game was showcased at the Game Awards. The teaser shows a mummified corpse with what looks like red lyrium growing from it in a magic sigil of sorts, and is ended with the hashtag #TheDreadWolfRises. It seems to pick up after the events of Inquisition. It’s hard to contain my excitement for this announcement considering my absolute love for this series...[Read More]

Bioware teases Dragon Age news soon

Bioware teases Dragon Age news soon Lately, Bioware has been promoting Anthem since they’ve got a new trailer ocming out for it at the Gam Awards. However, they haven’t forgot about their properties like Dragon Age. In fact, Bioware’s Gneral Manager Casey Hudson commented on a new blog how they’re focusing on their other properties. “If you’ve been following these blogs, or...[Read More]

Anthem teaser for Game Awards revealed

Recently, the folks behind Anthem has revealed a new teaser trailer for the game. In fact, this trailer is promoting a future trailer debuting at the upcoming Game Awards. Of course, the game will arrive on February 22, 2019. Additionally, the game blends third-person shooter visuals in an action RPG. Not to mention, this contiguous open world can have three players take the role of the Freelancer...[Read More]

Bioware Reveals Anthem Livestream Happening Today

Anthem is Bioware’s next big game and many people are excited for the release of Anthem while others are still on the fence about it. However, for those on the fence about the game why don’t you tune in to today’s live stream of Anthem which will be showing an all-new look at Fort Tarsis and the revamped Lost Arcanist mission. For more news on Anthem be sure to click here. The li...[Read More]

Anthem’s Loot Systems Prevents Other Players Stealing Loot

Players will be happy to hear that Anthem’s loot system prevents other players form swiping your loot from under your nose. This has been a problem in many online multiplayer games in the past, grating on many players who grind away at missions only to get their hard-earned rewards looted from them. In a Reddit post by a Bioware Lead Producer it is noted that “All loot is personal (not shared with...[Read More]

Over 40 minutes of Anthem footage revealed

Recently,  Bioware launched a stream on Twitch showcasing a Q and A about Anthem. In fact, the stream shows over 40 minutes of footage from the game. Additionally, lead producers Ben Irving and Mike Gamble host the stream talking about the game at this point. Those unaware, Anthem will have RPG andThird Person Shooter elements mixed together in a contiguous open world. Not to mention, the game has...[Read More]

New Interceptor And Storm Javelin Anthem Gameplay

Fresh from Paris Games Week comes new Anthem gameplay showing off the Storm and Interceptor Javelins and their ultimates. Today every studio and publisher are desperate to get you to spend hours upon hours in massive online multiplayer games like Destiny 2, GTAV online and so on. So, when a new title starts to promote itself, players become skeptical as to whether it will be worth their time. Ther...[Read More]

Anthem Livestream revealed for next week

Recently, it’s been revealed that Bioware will be hosting a livestream for their upcoming release of Anthem. In fact, the game’s lead producer Michael Gamble has been hyping up this livestream on his Twitter into what it will include. So I think @BenIrvo and I are going to livestream some Anthem on Halloween. We’re going to just grab a random build and hopefully not crash. Hijinks and ...[Read More]

Anthem Loot System Is Based On Your Javelin

Anthem loot system is different to that which you may know from other games such as The Division which allows you to trade loot. In Anthem loot will be based on the Javelin you are wearing and players will not be able to trade loot. BioWare’s Mark Durrah confirmed this on Twitter. Not only will players receive loot which will be useful for your Javelin but you will also receive other loot as...[Read More]

Bioware will release Post Story Content for Anthem for free

Bioware’s Anthem has been getting some good press as of late with some new information revealed at PAX West recently. At PAX West a new demo, trailer and release date was revealed at their panel as the game is set to be released on February 22, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The demo will be released on February 1st just a few weeks prior to it’s release. What seems to be interesting ...[Read More]

BioWare on Anthem’s customization

Bioware has given more detail into how the customization system will work in Anthem and how players will look different from one another if we are all using the same javelin suit. Anthem has skins, paints, cloth types, materials and emotes, all earnable in-game or you can pay real money to buy them. “The way the personalisation system works, it’s not just about getting a skin that changes the enti...[Read More]

Anthem Will Not Support Mods On PC

Bioware is planning to reveal some details about Anthem in a few weeks but Executive Producer Mark Darrah has also revealed many details over the last month. He has given us many things that are good but not everything can be good news. Mark Darrah has confirmed that Anthem will not support Mods for the PC. This is a big blow to the PC community but Darrah said the technology just isn’t ther...[Read More]

Bioware’s Anthem Gets Details on Codex, Weapons, Gears, Strongholds, and more

Bioware as of late has begun letting out details for their upcoming release of Anthem, due in early 2019. They’re set to go over plot details at PAX West this year, while in the meantime Mark Darrah, executive producer at Bioware has been discussing details via his Twitter account. You start as the Ranger and unlock the rest — Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) August...[Read More]

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