Frostbite Engine could bring EA titles such as Anthem, Battlefield V + more to Nintendo Switch very soon!

An interesting LinkedIn page could have confirmed that EA are looking to publish more games on the Switch “using already existing SDK’s” YouTuber Doctre81 has noticed something that could be great news for Switch owners. On an individuals LinkedIn who works at EA this was shown… You can watch the video by Doctre81 below. It would make sense for EA to bring the ‘Frostbite Engine‘ ...[Read More]

Battlefield V purchases will be cosmetic

No Premium passes? No Lootboxes? Is this 2013 or have game developers realized what the gamers want? As it turns out it is 2018 and while all gameplay items will be unlocked with the progress you can still buy yourself some cosmetic items. Sigh… but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Enter mankind's greatest conflict. This is #Battlefield . &mda...[Read More]

Battlefield V Gets A Second Closed Alpha Next Week

After the first Battlefield V which took place at the end of June, fans of the game wanted more and after seeing leaked dates suggesting another testing fans got excited. EA has now confirmed that there will be another Alpha test, which will begin on August 14 (but will be available for pre-load the day before). Ea stated in a blog post today that the test is built directly from the initial alpha ...[Read More]

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