Reddo Manga Artwork (Pic: Reddo)

Amazing Video Game / Manga Art – Meet The Artist: Reddo

The Artist Today’s artist goes by the name of Reddo. He is a self taught artist currently pursuing the dream of manga and video game creation. Reddo is a regular on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram an...

The First Glimpse at Cyberpunk 2077’s Map Size

With any open-world project, gamers want to know about the size of the world they will invest many hours in, especially for the followup to CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3. Recently an artbook ti...

Brothers in Arms

Amazing Video Game Artwork – Meet The Artist: Rachid Lotf

Some beautiful artwork has recently hit the internet. It isn’t an understatement to say we absolutely love Rachid’s work! Recently, I had the pleasure of entering a time machine and looking back into ...

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