Anthem Loot update … makes things worse

Elysian chests have to come to the end of Strongholds in Anthem. The principle is solid, you can unlock one key per day and open a chest at the end of a stronghold to unlock a random cosmetic item, no duplicates, and if someone else opens a chest in your session you can get extra cosmetics. Sounds perfect right? Well… lets go over the where the delivery falls a bit short. Anyone familiar with me k...[Read More]

Anthem PS4 Crash Is Being Resolved In Upcoming Patch

As we all know EA has had its struggles recently with Anthem, a brand new game that was released to display Bioware’s newest and greatest achievement. But as of late, this game has been hard crashing PS4s in such a way that it resembles pulling the plug out of the console while it is still running, not good at all. But here is some good news, Chad Robertson the Bioware Head of Live Services ...[Read More]

EA Reaches Out To Public for Help With Anthem PS4 Crashes

“If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma you may qualify for…”. Just kidding, but really this basically just like that. EA has finally fully acknowledged how Anthem has been hard crashing PS4 after PS4 and has left, in some cases, gamers without a console to play on. Anthem’s publishers have since reached out to the public and have asked for everyone’s f...[Read More]

Respawn to Premiere ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ on April 13th

After years of hard work, Respawn seems ready to show off there new Star Wars game. It is set to debut at ‘Celebration Chicago’ very soon! Recently, Lucasfilm made the announcement that EA and Respawn will formally reveal Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at a Celebration Chicago panel on April 13th. As expected, not much information has been given about the game so far however, Lucasfil...[Read More]

Anthem Grandmaster how to prepare and why it is worth it.

Anthem is a BioWare game that is focused on game play rather than story which is a new avenue for BioWare to take and as such Anthem has been review bombed by people expecting mass effect story on a game that was advertised from the start as a looter shooter. To be honest I really liked the story missions as there was a main story that leads on to more to be released in the future. The idea that t...[Read More]

EA Announces New Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies Entries

A few days after blaming some of their recent financial loss on the performance of single-player games, EA has announced that it has a few games in the works for some of its longer-running series. In addition to building up hype for the release of Anthem in just a few days, EA COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen mentioned additions to both the Need for Speed and Plants vs Zombies franchises in a press rel...[Read More]

Anthem Game Play Part 2: Endgame

In the video below they are going to be looking into the expanding world of Anthem and its endgame content. You start Anthem as a freelancer that joins a failed vision to shut down a cataclysm called the heart of rage. It is basically up to you to redeem the freelancers and ultimately find a way to succeed in silencing it. Basically the game does not end with its conclusion. As the most dedicated ...[Read More]

Anthem to release more content post launch already confirmed!

Anthem Producer Scylla Costa, during an interview with MMO Games, said the following: “We have many different teams who have been working on that stuff for a few weeks already, so you can see different cosmetic items, different creatures, maybe a new region to explore,” This is a “living game” which is a first for BioWare and knowing what most people expect from the story in terms of what BioWare ...[Read More]

Anthem Has Gone Gold

According to Michael Gamble on twitter, Anthem has gone gold. If you are wondering what that means, it’s when the game is finished and ready to be sold. Anthem, an upcoming multiplayer action RPG game which is all online is being released February 22, 2019. Anthem is being released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One worldwide. Before the release people are going to have the option for the VIP demo whi...[Read More]

BioWare show us free play for anthem including world events and more.

BioWare have been showing more and more gameplay in the month leading up to release of their new epic. Some journalists have already had some hands-on gameplay last year and EA and dropped the embargo on releasing the footage. They can show 10 minutes of footage the two videos below belong to Arekkz and Datto. BioWare known for their epic story telling 90% of the time with games that lead the play...[Read More]

Pc Requirements Revealed For Anthem

Anthem, which is Bioware’s long awaited game is now only a month away and while I’m still not sure if I should be excited for it and I’m sure many people are in the same boat as me. If you are looking to play Anthem on pc, you might have to upgrade that system of yours as the company has now revealed the recommended PC requirements which are as follows. Anthem Minimum System Requirements OS: 64-bi...[Read More]

New PS4 Trailer Shows Some Great Games Coming In 2019!

Sony’s New ‘Coming Attractions’ Trailer Covers 22 New Games Coming to PS4 In 2019! Yesterday, Sony decided we deserved a treat in the form of a brand new trailer. The trailer (shown below) features 22 upcoming PS4 games set to release in 2019! The video includes clips from: Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Devil May Cry 5, Ghost of Tsushima, Kingdom Hearts III, Concrete Genie, Rage 2, Tom Clancy’...[Read More]

Frostbite Engine could bring EA titles such as Anthem, Battlefield V + more to Nintendo Switch very soon!

An interesting LinkedIn page could have confirmed that EA are looking to publish more games on the Switch “using already existing SDK’s” YouTuber Doctre81 has noticed something that could be great news for Switch owners. On an individuals LinkedIn who works at EA this was shown… You can watch the video by Doctre81 below. It would make sense for EA to bring the ‘Frostbite Engine‘ ...[Read More]

Closed Alpha Coming in December For Anthem

Anthem is the most anticipated game of 2019.  Players cannot wait to get their hands on this game.  Some people do not have to wait until February 22, as EA is going to release a close alpha test in early December. The closed alpha is going to be limited and will be available for PC, Xbox and Playstation.  All you got to do it click here  and sign in to the hub with your EA account. To play this a...[Read More]

Anthem teaser for Game Awards revealed

Recently, the folks behind Anthem has revealed a new teaser trailer for the game. In fact, this trailer is promoting a future trailer debuting at the upcoming Game Awards. Of course, the game will arrive on February 22, 2019. Additionally, the game blends third-person shooter visuals in an action RPG. Not to mention, this contiguous open world can have three players take the role of the Freelancer...[Read More]

Bioware Reveals Anthem Livestream Happening Today

Anthem is Bioware’s next big game and many people are excited for the release of Anthem while others are still on the fence about it. However, for those on the fence about the game why don’t you tune in to today’s live stream of Anthem which will be showing an all-new look at Fort Tarsis and the revamped Lost Arcanist mission. For more news on Anthem be sure to click here. The li...[Read More]

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