Animal Crossing & Luigi’s Mansion 3 Release Dates Confirmed?! + Nintendo Switch New IP!

Updated online retailer listings for the two games + a new IP include release dates for the titles! Recently, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing and a new IP called Daemon X Machina have been listed with release dates on an online uk based retailer… Luigi mansion 3 has a release date of the 19th July 2019. Animal Crossing has a release date of 13th September 2019. Daemon X Machina wh...[Read More]

Nintendo Direct brings new games to Nintendo Switch + More!?

Next Nintendo Direct Coming January 2019!? Recently, ‘Gaming INTEL’ has received some exclusive information via an anonymous source. The source claims that there will be a Nintendo Direct taking place in January 2019. The source states: “There is a Nintendo Direct planned for January, I’m working to gather more information on it as of now.” Following on from this statement the source also said: “I...[Read More]

Impressive Switch Sales Figures Announced!

The Switch Has Sold Over 22 Million Units Worldwide The Nintendo Switch, The Nintendo Console that was only released last March has been a massive success for the company. As of now, the console has sold a massive 22.86 million units. Compared to the Wii U hardware sales, these are numbers are astonishing. According to Nintendo, the Wii U sold 13.56 million units worldwide. Of course, the Switch s...[Read More]

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