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Shenmue 3 – Official PC Specifications Revealed

Recently, with Shenmue 3’s release just around the corner, Ys Net confirmed the Shenmue 3 PC requirements… Previously, the developer never officially published the PC specs in the past for Shenmue 3 h...


Shenmue 3 – Backers Outraged as Epic Store Exclusivity is Announced

Recently at E3, a very controversial decision has been made. Deep Silver and YS Net in a twisted turn of events have decided to betray a large proportion of the people that first made Shenmue 3 possib...

Shenmue 3 Delayed for Further ‘Refinement’

Recently, Deep Silver made the announcement that Shenmue 3 will unfortunately not meet its August launch date. Following on from the announcement it has been delayed to November 19, 2019. Yu Suzuki st...


A New Shenmue 3 Trailer Gives a Taste of The Combat

As you can clearly see above, this video is a rare glimpse into the never seen before epic training montage of Mr. Miyagi and Danielson just before their final fight. But really though, the resemblanc...

Shenmue 3’s English voice acting is almost complete

Revealed on Shenmue 3’s official page that the English voice acting for the game is almost done. About 80 to 90 percent of the voice acting is done at this time. As a special treat below is a vi...


Shenmue 3 Interview Reveals A Ton Of New Details!

Recently, in an interview with Yu Suzuki and Hiroaki Takeuchi lots of new details regarding Shenmue 3 where discussed. The game looks to be coming together very nicely! Take a look at the notes from t...

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