Overwatch is Finally Getting Hero Pools

Overwatch Directer Jeff Kaplan has introduced the hero pools system for Season 21 of Overwatch. What hero banning basically means is that at the start of a game each team gets to choose a set number o...

Final Fantasy Tactics artwork

Place Your Bets on Twitch’s new addiction – Final Fantasy Tactics

Twitch has found itself a new obsession, watching and placing bets on AI battling it out in Final Fantasy Tactics. FFT battlegroundĀ is a Twitch channel that creates CPU battles in Final Fantasy Tactic...

League of Legends New Cinematic (Source: Riot Games)

Riot Games Release New Cinematic for League of Legends

Recently, Riot Games have released yet another new cinematic for the wildly popular League of Legends. Riot Games three minute long cinematic posted just a day before the start of season 10 of League ...

Recently Pulled Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind DLC Trailer Shows Returning Fan favorites from Final Fantasy

Square Enix is continuing the Kingdom Hearts 3 storyline with new additional DLC shown in their new trailer. In the trailer, we see what happens after the climax of Kingdom Hearts 3. Sora goes deep in...

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