A screenshot from Mario Kart featuring a race and characters zooming past each other.

New Mario Kart game Leaked for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo may be brewing a new Mario Kart game for the Switch. Mario Kart 8 was basically just a port over from the Wii U and it still achieved the most sold game for the Switch’s current lifespa...

Arise A simple story logo

Arise: A Simple Story of the Complex Human Experience

Arise: A Simple Story by Piccolo Studios is a refreshing and beautiful piece of art that captivates the emotional core of the human experience. Arise seems to be inspired by the pre-verbal storytellin...

Nintendo Pokemon Direct announcment

Tune In January 9th for a New Pokemon Direct

Nintendo of America tweeted out that there will be a new Direct focusing on Pokemon on January 9th at 6:30 PST. The Direct will last about 20 minutes, the last time there was a Pokemon direct, it anno...

Cadence of Hyrule- “Octavo’s Ode” free DLC Out Now

Cadence of Hyrule has received a new piece of DLC dubbed Octavo’s Ode. This was a surprise, as no-one really expected to see downloadable content for it, especially with it being free. For those...

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