The Team Behind Yakuza Present – ‘Judge Eyes’

Judge Eyes

Sega’s ‘Judge Eyes’ is due to be released in Japan on 13th December and is set for a western release later in 2019.

Recently, Sega announced Judge Eyes for the PS4. This was announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The game introduces us to ‘Takayumi Yagami’, a defence lawyer turned private detective.

Interesting, looking at some gameplay (shown in the video on IGN’s youtube below) it looks to play VERY similar to the Yakuza games. You’ll even roam the same streets of Osaka’s Kamurocho.

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I have no doubt that Judge Eyes will provide us with a great story. Also, with gameplay similar to Yakuza’s I believe the game will be something worth experiencing… However, using the same mechanics and map to Yakuza (despite a few minor changes) and selling it as a brand new game in my opinion is a lazy route to take. Do check out the video below and let me know what you think of the game so far.

In ‘Judge Eyes’, the main protagonist ‘Yagami’ is played by real-life actor Takuya Kimura. He is known for a number of big roles. Takuya’s most recent role being in ‘Blade of the Immortal’. It is good to see more real-life actors in games. (Yakuza 6 had a great cast!)

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