Dragon Ball FighterZ Broly DLC Leak

Legendary super Saiyan Broly
Legendary super Saiyan Broly
Dragon Ball FighterZ welcomes Broly to the ring.

Dragon Ball FighterZ welcomes Broly to the ring. (Picture: Funimation)

We here at DGR have exciting news that the infamous Broly is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ, The star of the recent DBS movie saw the return of the critical Saiyan to the new franchise to face off against Vegeta and Goku in another battle for power supremacy.

This news leaks from the latest issue of Shonen Jump, which reveals The Legendary Super Saiyan will be arriving by way of a brand new character DLC pack. Broly is the only known character at this time to be featured, we can’t wait to watch the sparks fly.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was released everywhere video games are played on January 26, 2018.

What are you guys feeling? Are you ready to duke it out in the Saiyan-brawl of the century? Let us know what you dudes think in the comments below, & isn’t YouTube the greatest? Don’t forget to check out the Daily Gaming Report YouTube channel!

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