A 2 Year Look Back At Mafia 3

A 2 Year Look Back At Mafia 3


Mafia 3 came out 2 years ago on October 7th and with it being Free for PS plus I think now is the best time to talk about it. 2 years ago I played Mafia 3 on launch day on Xbox One and the past 6 days I have played it with all the updates on PlayStation 4.

This article is about what has improved and if the game is worth a good playthrough. Comment down below on how you feel about this game as well.

The Story

The one thing that no update can change is the actual story of the game. The strongest part of Mafia 3 is the in-depth realistic story mode. In Mafia 3 you take control of Lincoln Clay in 1968 which is a high point of racism in America and even more in the south.

(Spoilers Ahead)

The game does a good job of using the first 2 hours of building the world and letting you get to know each and every main character. Lincoln sees his brother & Father by “adoption” killed by men who thought were cool with them.  Through this one action, you play the rest of the game taking out the Italian Mob.

The story is one of the best story-driven games in 2016 and still holds value in 2018. I do not want to spoil the full game but if you are one who loves stories and a good narrative then play this. The only downfall to the story is that the side missions and main missions do overlap and it can get repetitive.

The Gameplay

The gameplay isn’t anything new to the genre, I do think the shooting and Car mechanics are similar to Grand Theft Auto 5 but has a better realism feeling. The shooting can get tiring but the best thing about Mafia 3 is each gun is different and has a whole new feel to it.

With updates, The shooting has improved to be better than Grand Theft Auto 5. The multiple guns let you deal with people in your own way and let you play the way you want.

Driving was very buggy at launch but with updates has turned into one my favorite things to do in the game. Through updates, they also added races which give the game even more content after you beat the main story.

The Verdict

Is the game perfect? not even close, The DLC isn’t that great and the content wears off after you beat the main story. However, the story of the game and the character work makes up for it. I played 2 playthroughs as you can play either passive or aggressive and put in a total of 35 hours into the game.

Mafia 3 is fun and the story is why you play. After you beat the game you will most likely be done with it but I promise the ride to the end is worth it.

Mafia 3 is free for PS Plus Members on PlayStation 4.


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