Path of Exile announces Private Leagues

Path of Exile announces Private Leagues

Lately, Path of Exile’s popularity has been going strong. Especially, after Blizzard’s disappointing display of Diablo at Blizzcon last week. Accordingly, the game is set to have its largest expansion soon. In fact, Blizzard have announced the availability of private leagues for players today. The developers envisioned private leagues from the beginning wherein players can pay to create private leagues for their friends and themselves to play in.

Additionally, the private leagues are available for purchase next week, Of course, this will target gamers who crave challenging experiences or those who want to play without outside influence.

In fact, the private league costs 120 points to create and last 10 days with 10 player slots. Not to mention, this can be increased by spending more points. In addition, Private Leagues offer various mods including no stashes, no vending, famine and more.

It appears that there is a wide range of mods and options to choose for players to enjoy their Private Leagues.

With the poor handling of Diablo at Blizzcon, Path of Exile’s opportunity to become the industry’s premier ARPG is here. Will you be playing Path of Exile more?

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