General Grievous in Battlefront II revealed

General Grievous in Battlefront II revealed

General Grievous is one of the most interesting and highly revered characters in the Star Wars Universe and was pivotal to the storyline of Star Wars: The Clone Wars as well as Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith. In fact, on October 30th he will arrive in Star Wars Battlefront II joining the growing roster. The update will also bring changes to the Hero Health Star Cards and Heroes vs Villains mode.

His signature moves, and abilities will feature his four lightsabers. Firstly, his Thrust Surge has him stab his opponents resulting in his target being thrown to the ground. Secondly, Unrelenting Advance is where he spins his lightsabers in front of him and damages everyone caught in the spin as well as blocking all frontal attacks. Additionally, he also has a defensive move where he drops down and rushes forward for a quick getaway.

General Grievous appearance will be that of the Jedi Hunter, though fans will be given another appearance on November 28th in the Battle of Geonosis update.

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