Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Review

Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Review

Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is a new expansion that Zenimax studios have created; in this expansion they have taken their graphics to the next stage with its beautiful, and realistic portrayal of their new island summerset. If you’re a player of morrowind, summerset is nothing like the dark, gloomy island of morrowind; it’s brighter and full of life. Although the new expansion pack is in our eyes a beautifully written addition to Elder Scrolls Online, we feel as though there’s a part missing to make it reach the top of our WOW- factor scale.

Heres what we’ve found that makes the game fit onto our WOW scale:

  1. We find that the graphics are better and realistic, compared to morrowind. As it’s less gloomy and dark, and more a ray of sunshine and life. This is great, as we love the way that you can go from somewhere gloomy to somewhere that lifts your spirits.
  2. The narrative of the story is well written, and you can get invested in the story so you continue to play. The is also great as without a story, we find that you don’t have a reason to play the game, so the storyline is keeping us engaged and intrigued.
  3. The game has realistic characters – by this we mean that you are able to see the different personalities and different cultures of the game’s characters; for example, the high elf NPC’s state through actions and facial expressions that they hate you being on their territory, or anywhere near them for that matter. This is also extremely good feature as we are more immersed in the game, and It brings a bit of realism to the game, which keeps the players coming back.
  4. Side quests are more detailed and have a lot more depth to them than the side quests in morrowind.
  5. We FINALLY have the ability to craft jewellery with the new expansion, which is awesome.
  6. We have more intense, tough trial! Which is a great challenge, because all the bosses attack you at the same time, so you need to have skill and be strategic.
  7. There’s also a new skill line call psijic order – which gives you new abilities, such as freezing time in a specific location; meditating, which when active restores your health; and undo, which does what the word means, you can undo any damage inflicted to you and restore your health, magicka, and stamina.
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With all these great additions in mind, we have found that the game is missing features that would make the game huge! The following are things we think should of been included, and things we didn’t like about the expansion pack:

  1. No new classes. With Morrowind they introduce the warden class, but summers haven’t even included any new classes. Which, is a shame as there are only 5 classes within the game, and it would of been exciting to have a new class to play with.
  2. They haven’t included any new PVP stuff, such as battleground maps/and nothing has changed to cyrodiil. Battlegrounds were introduced in morrowind and nothing has changed since; and it would of been exciting to have some new maps/or new modes such as: 8V8 and a free for all mode.
  3. Unless you buy the expansion pack you cannot craft jewellery. We feel like this should of been an option from the start, because we should be able to craft jewellery without expansions.
  4. If you are a new player to the world of Elder Scrolls Online then playing summerset will confuse you, as the game forces you to start with summerset rather than allowing you to choose. We feel like this is due to the fact that summerset is a follow on from morrowind so you have to play morrowind beforehand. So, in conclusion to this point as a new player, you don’t get the choice to choose where you start your journey.
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Overall, Summerset is an excellent addition to Elder Scrolls Online, so for all the people who are contemplation whether they should play the game, we recommend that you should buy it and give it a shot!

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