Dual Universe Announces Space Station Contest

Dual Universe Space Station

Dual Universe space station concept for a contest! (Image: Novaquark)

Dual Universe, for those that haven’t heard of it, is a “Continuous Single-Shard Sandbox and Sci-Fi civilization building MMORPG in a fully editable voxel universe.” This is to say, in a way, the game is very comparable to games such as Minecraft but will be within an MMORPG setting.

Well, Dual Universe has recently released an update that allows players of the Alpha to be able to create space stations. To celebrate this update, the game will be hosting a contest between the players to see who can build the most aesthetically pleasing or overall best build for a spaceship.

To reward players who take part in this contest, the developers, Novaquark, will be giving out beta keys to the winners. The thought is for the players to help expand the game by giving the beta keys out. The tiers are 3 keys for first, 2 keys for second, and 1 key for third. Winners will also be featured in a community video showcasing each station.

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Novaquark has been keen to show off players’ work on there Twitter. There is even an aspect of anybody’s designs showing up on Twitter. Infinity Corps is just one of the organizations that have recently been featured on the Dual Universe Twitter. To take a look at how breathtaking the design is is just marvelous. To clarify, organizations in Dual Universe are akin to guilds in other MMORPG’s.

Infinity Corps Station in Dual Universe

Infinity Corps Station in Dual Universe (Image: Novaquark)

Contest’s like this are interesting as it allows others to view new designs they may not have thought about. Contest’s like these push the community to achieve more within the games universe and keep it expanding

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