Could We See More Game Companies Ditch Paid DLC For Cosmetic Items

Could We See More Game Companies Ditch Paid DLC For Cosmetic Items

So after the reveal of Battlefield 5, they confirmed that they would be ditching the Premium Pass Which is great news as it means the player base won’t be split up.

Now there are two ways to look at this, the first way is that DICE has ditched the premium pass because it’s what the fans wanted and which is the reason they say they have ditched the premium pass, but did they ditch it because of the battlefront 2 fiasco and EA have basically turned around to them and said yep we screwed up with Battlefront 2 so just do what you want with Battlefield 5.

So it’s not just Battlefield 5 dropping paid content it’s also Black Ops 4 which will not have multiplayer DLC meaning all multiplayer maps after launch will be free to download.

Now, what is great about game companies doing this is the fact that, the player base will no longer be split up into those who have the DLC and those who don’t, So game companies shouldn’t see a drop off in player base like they used to when a new DLC used to come out.

Having to buy DLC does suck especially when you have just paid £50 for the game in the first place and then there is more stuff locked behind a paywall and what makes it worse, especially if you are younger is if all your friends have the DLC and you don’t cause you don’t have a job to buy it, and your parents don’t want to buy it for you cause they think it’s a waste of money.

Now I get that a game company needs to be able to pay the bills and if you sell a game at £50 and everyone in the world buys it then you aren’t going to make any more money unless you have paid DLC, so I totally understand why companies did it. But I’m glad they have finally come to realize that people don’t like paying for DLC after paying £50 + for the game in the first place.

So rather than paid DLC, I think what a lot of companies are going to start doing now, is just pure cosmetic stuff only which is great as it gives you that option if you want to put money into the game or not. and you don’t have to worry about not being able to play with your friends because you cant afford the DLC. I mean instead what is going to happen is you just won’t look as cool as your friends do.

Plus I think game companies have been looking at the success which Fortnite have had with its Cosmetics and they are following that model, which is good as a lot of people love cosmetic items and emotes as who doesn’t like their character to look awesome.

But anyway let us know your thoughts do you prefer DLC or Cosmetic items?

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