BELOW is finally seeing the light of day

BELOW is finally seeing the light of day

BELOW has been in development for five years now. Capybara Games had to put the below-ground, isometric exploration game on some delays and that, in turn, left its release status up in the air. But now it’s back with some exciting news.

Nathan Vella dropped a major announcement regarding Capybara’s oft-delayed BELOW. You can view the tweet and watch a trailer to get excited for the news that the game is coming to Steam and XB1 on December 14.

This announcement came out of left field, especially after it was hinted that the game still wasn’t ready. The game has seen more than its fair share of development turmoil in the form of delays. BELOW went into an indefinite delay back in the summer of 2016. It resurfaced earlier this year with promises of a 2018 release. It looks like Capybara will make good on that promise.

Usually, an indefinite anything is a kiss-of-death sentencing for a game, and often times they’ll get lost in limbo or canceled. I’m glad Capybara was able to eventually release BELOW.

Are you excited for this game? It’s one that I’ve had on my radar for a while. It reminds me of a mixture between Transistor, Bastion and Made in Abyss. Tell us some of the things you’re looking forward to in the game in the comments!

In other news, Fornite is adding planes into the fray.





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