Switch Up Where You Watch YouTube!

The Switch has taken pointers from its competition and has taken steps to become a more rounded entertainment system. YouTube has come to Switch for free and to use it will not require you to pay for their online subscription service.

I remember being confused when I first got my switch and realising that I could not download YouTube. To me, this is a “finally” moment as I use my switch almost daily and gives me more reason to reach for it rather than my tablet.

The Switch has, in the past, been praised for not trying to be a multimedia device and stick to its console origins. While this runs against that ideal YouTube has become such a large household name and hosts so much gaming content, maybe it is a smart move? If they added Twitch next it would make the Switch step away from pure console but a step towards a multimedia device that is routed in gaming.

If they added Netflix, then you can say they have completely followed Microsoft and Sony’s direction with their consoles.

What are your opinions on this? do you think this was a good idea like me or do you disagree with Nintendo’s choice? let me know in the comments below.

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