Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Limited Edition (With A Gamecube Controller)

Fresh on the heels of an action-packed Nintendo Direct, Nintendo of Europe has announced via Twitter the existence of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition.

The box is absolutely massive, and includes a hard copy of the game, a Nintendo Gamecube controller, and a Nintendo Gamecube adapter. No word from Nintendo if there’s anything else included, but one can expect to find loads of very neatly folded cardboard.

With no price announced, fans are going to have to wait to fight through the lines to get their pre-orders in. These types of limited edition releases sell quick.

It should also be noted that as of this writing, Nintendo of America has yet to announce anything of its own. However, it’s safe to assume they will be releasing something similar – if not the exact same package – when the game releases this fall.

It’s been a big news day for Nintendo and Smash. In the direct this morning, they announced a number of new characters, stages, and assist trophies fans have been clamoring for since the last game launched on Wii U and 3DS.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases for Nintendo Switch on December 7.

The Gamecube controller has long been considered the favorite input device for Smash vets. Is there anything else you’d hope to see in this Limited Edition? Sound off below!

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